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  1. Sorry dear members, i meant to change all reference words towards you guys, but I'm already coming down, and feeling lazy... but injoy indeed...

    Man!!! You won't believe what happen after I left your house... I decided to buy some drugs... But the thing was, I only had a $100 dollar bill. I know, what the fuck? Drug dealers don't give change like that *****! So I just went to Mcdonalds to go get change, I pull up and oder a Dbl Cheeseburger ($1), and also a small rootbear, but they didn't have rootbear, so they gave me dr.pepper, just so I wouldn't be an asshole, you know, using them for their know....well, the story goes from me driving off, and when I was driving i notice that I was rindin' on "E!". //Trying to catch me rindin "empty", Trying to catch me rindin "empty",//... crazy shit so far, huh? Man that's not the best part...I pull in to a gas station... and...MAN!!! There was this hott ass chick...whooaahhh.... She was so beautiful, black hair, mid-back length, her eye's were that color of the most beutifulest (is that a word???) brown that could ever be seen... My heart was pumping... tHump ThUmp THuP THUP!!!! Boy, it was racing.... the way she walked, the way she would sway her hair a little to the side, and brush off her back.... I was in love... Love.... What is love jose? is it, When one person feels as though they need another to be assocaite with? To be together for that of what thy shall feel with our soul? Can that beat of your heart be your soul, giving another soul breaths of air? kisses to one another? Oh boy, man I was going crazy... I love the way that girl when she was smilling... such a beautiful smile she had... I think I started sweating... I was running out or time... she was coming my way... and then... she looked at me... I froze...c'mon e~man you can't fail us now... but i realized... i realized that she was to beautiful not to miss this chance.. I said,"hey'', ''hey'', she said back...I saw an angle Jose... I was waiting for her to spread her wings and let the holy sun light shine on her and have her tell me that I've died.... "So where you going?"... I didn't know what else to say..."Home."she replied... "Oh, yeah? I'm headed there too..." I stoped. Thought about that. then finished with"... My home, that is... I'm meant my home...not yours..." She laughed... I was sure I was dead then and there... I know how the laughter of angles sound now... I was looking fo Jesus and well, da ***** never showed up... "Wanna talk outside?", she asked... noticing that we were still in the store.... "sure" i said.. well, we were outside talking for a while... and then she said that her parents were away for the week... and man... like the little perve e`man is, of course i said what any guy right now is theinking i should say..." Why don't we go to your house then?"... I thought about that really quick. How could I just of disrespected this beutiful girl... I was like fuck, she's so fine... "Ok"... My breath was out... gone... none.. nada, zero...I love this world, everything is so great, the tress are beautiful, the skies are breathless, the moon is astonishing.... with God blessing us with this earth, he blessed me with a chance with this fine ass girl. so i was like, fuck the gas, i'll deal with it 2morrow... Fastfoward an hour, and I'm chillin on her bed... ha HA haHAHAHAHAH!!!! OMG!!!!!!! whoa... I was going crazy and she knew it... she toched me... her toch Jose, it was as though it were a soft and calmed me... My heart stoped... I turned around and looked at her.. she was bitting her lip nervously, and I looked into her eyes, and i pulled her mouth close mine, and for a moment there she said, "I don't even know you, we bearly know each other, and i feel this love for you." I kissed her. I was lost in her kisses.. I was dizzy, I felt as if I was waking up from a deep sleep... She toched my cheek, and i touched her... it was was slow loving, excuse me if that sounds gay... i bearly knew this girl, and yet she bearly knew me, but i felt so right, it did jose, it really did... i can't say the details of what happend about 5 minutes later, but if you want details just send me a message guys... Dude! out of know where, i swear to god(s) that it was the inner pot-head, that everyones has, in me. this is what i said check it out.. " Man, and to think I was just gonna get some drugs tonight...gulp...." Oh, god is that you?? I saw a light I touched it... it stung a little, but i guess it was light you see when your dead... i dunno...."Get your hand off of my boob you perve"... but she said it in a fun-playing way... She said that her brother got's some... man, Heaven... I'm here... Well, I'll let the story roll more along the way... i get home... and "Mr. Diggs" get's put it to action.. you know the results...*munchies*... Dbl Chesse Burger!!! I was fucking great! And the dr.pepper to sip on.. Fuck that was great! Home boy, I came to party, Your girl, was looking at me, She's a haggeler, nah i ain't trying to tag one her, but you don't what them boy to go over there and start askin... what you gonna do,nothin, what you tryin do,nuthin... fucking crazy huh?
  2. I can't belive i wrote that, i was so high.... sorry guys, i don't even remember this...
  3. it is so hard for stoned eyes to read a large paragraph like that, but i managed, barely, try spacing it out some next time

    kickass story though man :metal:
  4. Ok.. I finally got that all read. But did that really happen to you? or your friend? or is that just some random story you wrote while high? Eighter way it was entertaining but I'm just curious. The block paragraph killed me though.
  5. Haha good story but a bit confusing with how it sounded like it was your friend talking or w/e I dont know man.
  6. Wow...that just got me all hot and bothered...i don't even know the ending...and shit i'm freetacoing!
  7. lol i went the extra yard

    NAKED :laughing:

    beat ya to it sheeps hahaha
  8. ^^^Yeah for the freetaco!!! Im freeballin as i type this. And can we get an update on what this story is all about!?
  9. Neat story. Is it fiction though? Its written as either it could be made up or something your friend sent you.
  10. lucky you man haha, did you get her number after your wonderful night or was it just a 1 time deal?
  11. I think it needs a bit more editorial work before it hits the bestseller list...! :D
  12. i dont like how GC automatically edits the word ***** (nukka). first of all i highly doubt that more than 1% of people here are actually racist and 2, i dont think any other racial slurs are edited. 3, by editing it you are just making it more taboo, and more "effective" which isnt a good thing- just my thoughts-im high hahaaaaaa:smoke:
  13. Well then, there's probably another 5% who are just pretending to be racist...
    So, instead of making it more taboo by editing it out, you'd rather it be used freely and more widespread, no matter how people use it? Things can get pretty ugly that way. And how would the word be more effective if it's edited out? :eek: :cool:
  14. Woah...fucked story but
    was it real or what??

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