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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by HyDr0p0nIc420, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. I thought I would show you guys some decent bud that I got.

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  2. Another

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  3. Has anyone ever had some weed that looks like this? It smells exactly like a lemon, I have never had weed that smells like this but it is pretty potent

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  4. damn dude you always have the best bud. i envy you. i shoudl be getting some good bud this week though. i hope i hope
  5. Share some pics with us when you get your good bud.
  6. i'll try man but i got no digi cam no web cam and no scanner, maybe i can go to one of my friends houses though
  7. but hydro i defin itly cant get weed that good i mean i dont know a grower and i dont have the money to get that kind of weed from a dealer
  8. Instead of buying a quarter of mid grade weed buy a 8th of highgrade. You would end up getting more of your moneys worth out of the highgrade.
  9. yea thats what i do but its never that good
  10. I dont understand why this has been looked at 124 times and only one person responds.
  11. ill respond. bud looks great. that buds goes for about 30-35 an 1/8 over here. gives off a very good high. hard to describe. anyway. buying better weed is always better in the long run.. that fucking poopy brown swag is no good. thats only good for one thing a HEADACHE. peace out ~stick~
  12. It looks pretty good, I had a q of some nice stuff about 2 months ago that had a strong pine smell, would smell the entire room up if you kept the bag open. Lemon weed sounds tasty heh.

    As for schwag, it still gives me a good high, I smoke it like any other in my bong and it does the trick, cept the 'good' weed tastes better, smells better, hits better, and makes the high 'cleaner' and longer/better.
  13. stick: The schwag smoke must be cloudin your mind. Obviously you dont know anything about weed if you are going to call the browner weed schwag. I guarntee you that the weed is better then any weed you can post on here. If not prove me wrong.
  14. Stick: my bad I misuderstood your post
  15. Bstick: Where are you at that you get it for 30-35 a 8th?
  16. illinois
  17. Sorry if i missed this post, but Hydro, how much did that cost you?
  18. Bstick: I really doubt you get that quality bud in the states for 30-35 dollars a 8th. Its not that cheap. Dank prices are 50 a 8th.

    crazyj: I get this bud for 300 oz give or take sometimes. But I only get it this cheap because I know the grower. People buy it around here for 375-400 a oz sometimes 350.
  19. wow! Where do u people live. Around here (New york city) i can get bud twice that good and for cheap.what are u talking about that u cant get good stuff in the states for cheap lol. u just got to know the right people and hvae the hook up's it's not hard either me and my best friend are 15 and we have been smoke for about a good 3 years now and we know everyone and get the nicest deals. I can get a 1/4 of that bud for 60 and bud twice that good for 100 ill get some and take some pics but for now im out 1.
  20. Ok no one was callin ur weed schwag, ur weed is not brown, it has dark red hairs. And secondly, i definatly could get and post better weed than that if i had a camera. No offence, ur weed is definatly the shit and a half but there is always somethin better. :)

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