Some New Shit... Fight Odor and Mold Same Time

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by xspiggax, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. So last time i thought i had discovered something with the odor fighting cfl bulb... someone had already checked it out but gave good feedback on that one... i was looking around and stumbled across something else... apparently its a plug in that kills mold spores and fights odor... sounds like everyone on here should at least check it out... let me know if youve used it... how it was... was it worth it?
  2. 80 something views but no comment or experience? bump
  3. ahh i have no experiences with it but i call bullshit it sounds like that riddex plug in exterminator....who knows
  4. Interesting little gizmo, not familiar with it. Have you googled it to see if there is any general feedback on it?

    UV is used to kill germs very effectively in industrial settings like hospitals, food processing plants, and increasingly into household products (there are UV toothbrush sanitizers, for example). So yes, UV kills germs. But does this thing have enough UV rays and does it move enough air to do an effective job? No idea, but it only moves 7.5 cfm, so it seems very unlikely it would get a chance to treat the air in an actively-ventilated room or cab.
  5. It will probably help eliminate some odor and such, but I wouldn't rely on it entirely. Nothing can replace having a clean grow area, and carbon filters for their effectiveness.
  6. i was thinking about using this product along with a carbon scrubber/fan combo for exhaust and a few of those odor eliminating cfls (supplemental lighting) as smell is my major concern

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