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  1. hello everyone, its been 6 weeks since the ph problem i was having but now i have something strange happening. im at 4 weeks into flowering and ive noticed that alot of the buds apeer to be developing very small seeds but there are no hermies and no males:confused:...are they seeds or something else. also white hairs are starting to turn wondering is it from supperthrive, ive been using it twice since flowering began.
    here are some pics at 4 weeks...let me know if you see anything i should adjust

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  2. Actually, no man. They look friggin great lol.

    Im noticing a bit of Nitrogen clawing, but I
    trust you'll be flushing soon, so cool.

    Nice...u just wanted to show off, didnt ya ;) ???
    Heck, I would too lol !!!

  3. so what about the little green seed-like elements in the buds,and is it norm to have hairs turning only 4 weeks in???
  4. Pistil colour change is just a very ballparkish way to judge ripeness.

    Oftimes, depending on strain, its normal for them to dry out and be
    replaced by newer ones. Pistils dont have trichomes, so dont worry
    about potency loss.

    Im thinkin those are just false seed pods maturing in the calyxs
    or bracts.

  5. Hey freak, mind explaining what nitrogen clawing is and how you can tell?
  6. Most noteably, in the 4th pic above, u can see it.

    It is characterized by the downward hook to the blade tips,
    and that very dark green colour.

    If it is not corrected, Nitrification is the next stage. This
    occurs when the amount of N in the storage vacuoules
    located throughout the blades is too much. The N pools
    and actually becomes Nitric Acid, causing burnt, necrotic,
    crumbling and dry leaves. It progresses upwards thru
    the plant, until eventually new growth is burnt even before
    it can emerge, in most cases.

    Howz that lol. U caught me at a good time :rolleyes:;).

  7. sounds good to me. i got another ? running hps and mh togrther..400 each should i stay with that or just use hps
  8. U cant get a better spectrum than that man :hello:.

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    Nice that's what I'm running atm with my first grow I hope mine turns out as good as yours.

    Also thanks for the heads up freak I think I might have early nitrification going on, I have slight yellowing of some tips and a few curled tips. Should I just hold off nutes for a bit? I just went to 12/12 yesterday.
  10. i thought id share with you that ive allways have had isues with spider mites,but i got one of those
    HOTSHOT pest strips from home depot.and the little fuckers were gon in 3 days and havent been back since...pass it on.:wave:
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    Pest strip is that the sticky flypaper or something different?
  12. no its not fly paper,its white plastic device that gives off a vapor.maybe its luck but i havent seen one SM since i put it in the room
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    Nice, if I ever run into any I'll give that a shot.

    Is it supposed to work for other bugs? I want to put my strawberry plants in the grow room, but they have gnats in the soil.
  14. keep your grow ''clean'' dont put other stuff in with healthy plants your asking for problems down the road....especialy if they got bugs allready:wave:
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    Ya I'm terrified of getting bugs, find a fly or two every now and again, but I go mr miagi on their asses.
  16. I imported some spiders, they live with my plants, haven't seen a bug in years. Don't have a book or a cause and effect thing, and not at all educated about bugs and bug problems but my spiders look well fed...and my plants are bug free. Might think about rounding up some spiders. Mine are wolf spiders. Just a thought.

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