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some new bud.....

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by LegitBaller, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. this is what i got ......digi aint that good but ah well...how much would yall pay for just the bud... not the pills....

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  2. .

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  3. 45$

    looks like what i usually get for an eighths worth...
  4. id say $25. $30 at the max it looks like good shit but if u guys look at a penny its not that much but id buy it for 30
  5. you gotta remember bud can look totally different in a picture. If you use the flash or not, the background color, ect all changes how it looks. I bet in person it looks a lot better than the picture, am i right legit?

    how much did you get the adderall for?
  6. yea, definitly looks a lot nicer in person, althought it doesnt have a lot of hairs it smells bomb...like u no when u get hooked up by the smell and this stinks nicely...i got the adderal for a small amount of bud, but he said like 5-6 dollars if i want more
  7. hmmm....i seem to get a lil more for 25, and that was some bomb shait
  8. id pay like ne where from $30-$45 and like $20 for the adderall
  9. 20 bucks for three adderall?

    someones making a killing on you! if i ever wanted any, i could get 5 pills for 6 bucks, if not cheaper...
  10. how many mg are those adderrall cuz my friend has like 400-500 10 mg pills but his are blue
  11. Everyone of my friends has ADD or ADHD, no joke. I can get all the Adderals, Concertas, whatever, for free. Sometimes they're nice to take early in the day with a bowl, but some nights you take them while your tripping at midnight and are awake for the next forty eight hours playing cee-lo til the sun comes up...
  12. i'd give you 10 dollars
  13. i just got 2 of those pills you have for free tonite.... theyr 30 mg im takin them tomoro night.......
  14. yeah i'd pay 25 or maybe 30 for that bud. looks like about what i get for 25 though.

    Ps.... anyone done blueberry? im gettin a quarter tomorrow and i've heard some good things
  15. Well pretty much it woulda all depend on what kind it is, 30's 60's and so on, for a 30's i would pay between 25-30 around here.. 60's on the otherhand id be payin around 55-60.

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