Some more overheating trouble.

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by Yourcatdead, May 28, 2010.

  1. What's up guys. Alright here was my last thread

    Quick summary it said when I played WoW my computer would smell like burning rubber, then just shut off. Come to find the fan on top wasn't spinning. So I have to manually turn it on nowadays - still working on going to replace it when I have some time.

    But now I got back into playing the Sims 3 while I'm sick. And now theres another problem. So I can play this game for hours on end, but the smell of burning rubber is there. All my fans are blowing cold air, but the top even though it's on, is blowing hot air. So obviously the fan is fucked up. But today I was curious, so I took the case off and felt the video card, and it was burning hot - literally.

    So now I'm stuck wondering what's wrong? Is it the fan that needs to be replaced? The computer isn't dusty at all, I blew it out. I'm dreading hoping it's not the video card needing replaced, but it seems to me that's the problem(I'm no computer genius). So I ask you folks about what do you think it is?

    If it helps any my video card is a Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT. Just bought it April 09.

    So really could use some help here, thanks guys.
  2. bump for the night.
  3. Did you check the power supply? Is the fan on the video card working?
  4. Yeah I just thought to check that when I woke up earlier. All fans are working fine, the top one is the only one blowing hot air.
  5. So on another forum I posted it and I got these two replies:

    Anybody have an idea which it might be? Again not a computer genius, but it seems that if other games work fine with no problem then it wouldn't be the PSU or graphics card. But maybe that's me. I checked every fan this morning they all work.

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