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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SmokeMaster9000, Nov 20, 2002.

  1. Hello,
    I just got into smoking a month or two ago. So far, I've always been treated by friends when the weekend comes around. Recently, I've been wanting to buy my own piece and some smoke so I can toke whenever I feel like it. Become a more independant smoker, if you will. Anyways...

    1) I've recently started to buy weed. How can I tell what is good stuff and what is not so great stuff (visual examination, etc)? I want to know if I'm getting ripped off or not. What should good weed look like when I buy it?

    2) Besides Grasscity, what are some good websites to buy bongs/pipes from?

    3) Besides and Grasscity, are there any other good resource sites I should know about?
  2. what up man

    im prob'ly not as experienced as others here but Im sure I will be corrected if im wrong.

    The basic commercial weed is usually a darker green. Contains alot of seeds and stems. Not too strong a smell. Comes at around $40-50 a half ounce (approx. $80-100 an ounce). A dime ($10) should roll you about 2 decent blunts - a few joints.

    Then theres mid grades. Should go for around 180-200/ounce. Usually has stems and seeds as commercial has, but its a better smoke. You'll start seeing more color the higher grade you go. Brighter green, some orange...Mids are also more moist. More potent smell.

    The really good sh%t comes @ around $20 a gram. Not cheap. This weed usually goes for approx. around $400/ounce (consumer price).

    Typically for the more experienced smoker because of both potency and price. These trees have NO seeds or stems at all (otherwise known as sin semilla, latin for "without seeds"). These fluffy buds could come in a variety of colors depending on what strain of seed was used to grow (sensi seeds, dutch passion, etc). Colors could range from Orange, Blue, Purple, Red and even White. This weed is usually grown hydroponically and is EXTREMELY moist. Has a VERY strong smell. I recommend if you carry THESE trees around...find a small jar to keep it in. Helps retain smell and moisture.

    BTW - be careful for people that grow commercial seeds hydroponically and sell it as hydro. It is hydro but its not a good, clean smoke. Therefore prolly not worth what theyre askin for it.

    PS - the above was written with what limited knowledge I do possess. All above prices are based in the Northeast. May vary by region. hehe

    Anything to add my fellow burners......?

  3. i wish i had a nice fat bud of that right now
  4. my god my fellow smoker, just lookin at that makes me miss
    my past hook ups :( used to be able to get hydro and the likes for an even lower price than 5$ a gram, depended on
    the overall mood we were in, just had to spit some info :) and by the way one of the most excrutiatingly good highs ive
    ever had was with some nasty and seedy lookin stuff, looked
    like it had purple and green veins or somethin

  5. Thanks guys. I, too, live in the Northeast. The best stuff I smoke costs about $40 an 1/8 (I'm friends with his brother, so I get a discount). Awhile ago, de told me its from VT and its hydro. Its light green, is sticky, smelly, and crystaly. Never seen any purple stuff, lol. Has orange hairs too. Last weekend, I took one gravity bong hit and was stoned for 5 hours. I think I'm getting good stuff. Lucky me.

    Thanks again.
  6. Congratulations on the hook up SM9K...

    and remember...

    "A friend with weed is a friend indeed"

    holla back if you have any more Q's - maybe i can help..


  7. Ditto!! Send some for the holidays woody!! lol
  8. Heh. I plan on smoking all vacation. Mom is going out of town.
  9. I cant,,,,, i have a drug test next week
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    We'll all smoke a bowl for ya bud!
  11. thanx man,,,,,,,cause afer i pas tat test ill smoke one for all of you

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