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some mids

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by KushLightHead, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. what you think? he also gave me a couple of swisher sweet packs for free cool guy


  2. that looks yummy to me but WTF IS A MID?

  3. i don't know im letting ms.mary do the typing haha..regular weed bro.
  4. looks like there is some bud rot on it
  5. Damn looks good a'f bro
  6. How much you pay?
  7. don't think that's mids.
  8. Looks like reggie honestly... I wouldn't pay more than $5 a gram for that bro.
  9. depending where he's at, thats mids

    in chicago, thats definitely mids, maybe low mids, but reggie/schwagg looks MUCH worse
  10. Those would be mids to me. Cool guy for giving swishers out, how much per G for the mids?
  11. :laughing:

    thats mids in your area?
    im sorry man.

    thats straight brick'd up swag.
  12. who is mrs.marry and...........mid means regular weed?
  13. How much does that weigh?

  14. Ms. Mary = weed
    Mids = mid grade
  15. Yeah, I wouldn't smoke that. Start the treasure hunt over and don't think you struck gold when you dig up dog shit. Hope it gets ya high though and you didn't pay too much, or anything.
  16. Don't listen to these people man those look like some decent mids I've definitely smoked(and got high off of) shittier weed than that.
  17. Man give the guy a break some people aren't blessed to have good connects especially in certain parts of the country or world. Granted its not the greatest bud but I have seen worse. He said in his post Mids who can say what qualifies as Mids or schwag shit it's all the same to me. I haven't smoked Mids in years but they are always a good call for making
    Tons of edibles.
  18. I don't understand how ppl smoke tht dirt
  19. for all those in the know, that not mid its


  20. I know thats true. I'm just ignoring the comments that attack my weed got this for 30$ for an O wanted to charge me more but told him to get his shit together I ain't paying more than 30$. This is temp. weed just till' my Dro connect refills up :smoke:

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