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Some Mids - Pic

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ineedit, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. Some shit i picked up cuzz I couldnt get anything better at the moment

  2. damn thats allot how much>?>>>????
  3. It was suppose to be a half o but it was short 2 grams --> $80$ :eek:

  4. damn thats fuckin wack, i usally get short like .2-.3 and i get pissed but 2 whole grams:confused: , how was the smoke looks pretty decent not allot of seeds i see
  5. surprisingly decent
  6. Not too bad, looks like it has a lot of red hairs which is cool and not a lot of seeds. I picked up a half of some high mids the other day for $150 which only weighed out to 12 grams ... needless to say if I ever see this kid again I'm taking 2 grams out of his ass.
  7. you got hustled bro.

    that looks like straight up brick to me.

    You shouldnt pay more than 80 for a full ounce of that shit and then some.
  8. im more interested in the cd, who is that?
    12 gs of mids for me is like 3 or 4 blunts, that shit would me long gone by now, mids stopped gettin me high halfway thru HS...
  9. naw ah! thats the same exact buds that have been goin around here in NE lol
  10. 80$ for a half ounce of midz is TERRIBLE, even for US prices. u got hustleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed sorry.
  11. To all the people saying he got "hustled"...shut the fuck up. So stupid...
  12. seriously, those of you flaming the thread-starter are dumb.. if anyone got hustled it's this kid ...

  13. Hustled naa.

    Normal prices for that id say is prolly 75 a half for general population. So 80 aient shit difference.

    I'd get that for prolly 60 is i bought jus a half of it. Id give it to somebody for 65-75.

  14. Oh it's okay, I "traded" it for more than I paid for it :D
  15. yo, u like that cd? i'm bout to get fav Styles song is Holiday haha download it.
  16. what yall talkin about hustled I got hustled dude gave me a 60 of mids for 10 bux a gram wat a bitch, 80 bux a half is a little steep used to get 70 a 1/2 now I get 10 a fuckin gram
  17. if you pay 150 for a half of high mids your on offense <3
  18. i can get 14 grams of that shit for $45
  19. I usually get it cheapers and its on point but this time I jus needed it and took it. Im usually coppin dank but no1 wants to part with it around X-mas Time so i really dont care lol and the album is Styles P - Time Is Money go cop it if u didnt already also get his new mixtape - Ghost Who Sat By The Door... Iiight well I got a bunch of blunts rolled of this shit and sum other shit...on my way to NY for the day. B - Ez

  20. not bad not bad, he went crazy on the stems though haha, but if you say the smoke is pretty decent then, i guess it would be worth it

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