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some mid

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by mos_def, May 26, 2010.

  1. i picked up. just a 1/4...[​IMG]
  2. How much did you pay for that man? Have you tried any of it yet?
  3. sum pretty nice trees
  4. $30
    and nah smoking some tmw
  5. if that's a quarter then 30 is good, but the bud looks like low mids.
  6. broke most of it down except for the biggest bud. bought to grind it in my shotglass.
  7. looks like less than a 1/4 to me.
  8. yeah if you were told that was a 1/4 you got ripped. Looks more like 2-3 grams to me
  9. id say at most an 1/8
  10. it's probably between an eighth and a quarter.
  11. looks like a solid quarter to me. I sometimes get mids that look like that. They're real dense. If i got an ounce of those mids and an ounce of dank the mids would take up half a bag and the dank would fill up the entire bag.
  12. definitely not a quarter, looks a few grams short, i would invest in a scale. But none the less, decent looking mids.
  13. Haha, yeah that really isn't a quarter and it's REALLY hard to make judgements like that online. I would guess it's maybe 3 grams, not even a slice.
  14. idk im thinking about getting a scale but i dont want to be carrying it around cuz you get worse charges if you get pulled over/my parents will assume i'm a drug dealer if i'm caught. but i think the weed was just a little compressed, that one big nug on the right ended up being half the size of the big pile by itself. anyways i don't feel too ripped off, ill just tell my dealer to use a scale next time.

  15. You didn't really get RIPPED off, your dealer just lied to you about the amount. It's a 1/8 at most. But 30$ for a slice of mids is a pretty average price.
  16. that's alittle more than an eightho. depending on how much you smoked, stems, and seed removal that could have been a quarter.

  17. well to be honest, i think the bag was half open half the time because i took it out last night and it was open a tiny bit and sprayin weed crumbs everywhere, and i had it since like idk maybe some came out.
    this shit smells good though, im gonna enjoy it
  18. its prolly compressed, like how 90% of reg is. i had a half p of reg once, about the size of a vcr tape.

  19. this.
  20. Yo if you're happy I'm happy. Have fun with it!

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