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  1. ok first off me and a friend were driving around sparking some bowls and we got into this huge discussion. I am fore warning you because i might loose some of you here. because I am :smoking:and you are all probly :smoking:also. LoL.

    what if the ants are a far more soupier beings then us humans. if you look at ants they are on a set path to do whatever they do in a orderly fashion with no frill and no fun. they have like 2 things to worry about. Food and reproduction. Back in the day us humans didnt have any technology but as more and more time passes by us, we find more efficient ways to do everyday things like transportation. many years ago people had to walk to go anywhere. then they had a huge advancement in technology. now they could ride horses. Then came the car. Then flight. soon after this we were in space. None of us one can even imagine how more advanced we will get. back to the ants. what if the ants had complex lives like us ie: school collage workforce children retirement. But they all some how found a super efficient way to bypass all of this. Some how they figured out how to beat the system many years before the first humans even populated the earth. And now the ants are so evolved and so efficient they are far more soupier to us humans . but what if they were just like us and as more time passes by they find simpler ways to accomplish there goals until that goal is simply so efficient it is overlooked (transportation in the future might be as simple as typing in a location on the other end of the world and instantly you are there) and they find and tackle a new goal. The ants don't even remember the days when they all spoke out in different ways when they were unorganized and all had free wills. Right now our human population could be suffering from this same predicament as the ants now face. Also what if us humans and our world is simply just a ant colony in the huge vastness of the big picture. Our galaxy! and we are being studied by other life forms who are even less organized and less effecent as us humans who they think of us as little ants in our own little world with no purpose.

    so yeah if you guys can understand what i am trying to say then you will probly freak out. leave me some other thoughts you might get.
  2. C R A Z Y
  3. i can totally see where your coming from, but my sober mind doesnt believe it.hahaa i just love how you can think up the craziest shit ever while stoned and completely believe it.I need to bookmark this and come back after blazing sometime. I really like your theory however, it makes sense somewhat.+rep
  4. Now, im doing some work and couldnt read the full post but I think you have a good point. Now heres something to think about, wot if us humans, with our amazing physical and mental capabilities had the exact same mentality as ants, just doing the work, no fuss, no messing around, heads down, doing the work. Could you imagine where we would be now in terms of technology and general life.
  5. I wonder if ants are any smart I mean they are kind of like humans in how they build up their colonies and work together. I wonder if they can talk to each other? Do you think they have a government and the queen at is the only contolling everyone?
  6. This is what makes human's so special. We aren't just mindless drones completing tedious tasks. We have creativity, and imagination. Although there is a war going on against this, and probably if things go the way "they" want it to go what you just described above will be exactly what humans will be like. No individuality, no creativity, just a hive population doing menial tasks to better serve the "Queen" if you will.
  7. i suppose you have a point there but it gets off about this...we (the human race in its entire existence) were at one point as effecient, or near effiecent, as could be. but we got so far to the edge, and had the ability to harniss the powers of the earth and the stars that we collapsed onto each other, like an empire (rome, etc...) and now we are in a regeneration period, but will one day return to that 'glory'. this is what some people speculate of Atlantis, i always thought it to be true, but who knows...or how about, we can never be perfect because we are human and are not infalible, because as humans we have a yearning to go the extra miles, because of our curiosity, to see what else there is, when we get to the point where there is nothing, we collapse back to nothing...
  8. Damnit, I love you guys!

    Anyways... the ants, the ants! Seriously I find that there are SO many parallels to be drawn in between ants and humans. Personaly what always blows my mind is how similar we are in some ways... despite our creativity, despite our individuality, if you look at the big picture we are still so much like ants... always moving around, keeping ourselves busy, and building building building!
  9. there are many types of bugs that do the same things as ants, though one thing in particular stands out.. that no other insect does (i think). Ants create transportation routes which they stick to, they wont ever change them unless of some sort of uncureable damage to the route. If something is blocking their route, say a small stone, they will band together to move that shit outa the way. There was the time of giant insects a long time ago, and they were then overrun by lizards.. Every time I hear about insects evolving I think of the movie Tremors.. man that's funny shit with Kevin Bacon.
  10. we really do take those annoying little black bastards for granted.

    EDIT: ok, after looking over that last comment i made i dont reckon it was worded in the best way, i'd like to confirm the fact im talkin about ants.
  11. sorry but this just...:smoking: o_O
  12. yeah see you guys all know how trippy the ants really are. they have everything we all have. defined paths-roads, queen-qoverment, fighter ants-war, builder ants-enegeners. the real trippy thing is why do the ants even bother to go through all of the trouble to building up such a complex underground city? take for example this, every time it rains the water would erodes the entire anthill and flood the tunnes systmes so what did the ants do to fix this problme they make a biger path for the water to go to like a deep tunnel sewer systme that must larg citys have. if we all study ants and if we all know how comlex they are we might find the classic questing like who are we? whats the point of life? and other questions like that. wow my mind is thinking faster then i can type:smoke: and i am losing like 50% of my thoughts. ok so prety much the ants are the masters of us all.

    in the summer time feed the ants grape jelly:cool:
  13. I think it was Stephen King that once pondered the possibility that our universe could just be one of the billions of cells in a blade of grass.

    Talk about BIG picture, eh?
  14. thats what i was trying to get at in the first post but my mind wandered off to some random other thoughts. and that blad of grass is in another galixcy and that galixcy is just part of some other galixcey when does the madness stop. what if i am you and you are me. and together we = them.

    free teibet - yes alllll of the tea

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