Some kinda deficiency eh?

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  1. So second grow using clones that I actually know what strain is involved. Its Og kush about 4th week of veg. Everything was good till about a week ago when the fan leaves started to manifest some yellow brown spot in center of leaves which are also papery and break when folded. Flushed the plants with pHed water of 6.5 to see if improved and nothing as of yet. Any idea folks?

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  2. If it's on new growth it's calcium. More details?

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  3. No older growth sir, I only recently got a digital pH meter and they are being grown in happy frog soil i mixed with about 30% peralite. Fox farm nutes using the guide that came with the bottles, and mammoth P my hydro store owner recommended to me.
  4. Well I decided to go through with a heavy feeding with water that I'm confident was pHed correctly with the digital meter. That was about 8 hours ago and this morning it doesn't appear to have spread and growth looks like its continuing for the moment. Still have no idea what that shit is tho
  5. It's good that you've flushed but my guess would be that your plant probably doesn't need full strength FF nutes in its first few weeks and it's perhaps the reason you're having problems. Too many nutrients can cause deficiencies too. I'd recommend backing down down to half strength until they show they need more and you're sure it isn't lockout. Post more pictures!

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  6. That looks like rust fungus to me, but it could also be a pH problem, meaning... your soil is way to alkalized. What does your run-off read? Say you pour a few cups of pH 6.4 water through a few cups of the same soil that is in your plants pot, what does the run-off read?
  7. I hope not a fungus but I'll report back next time I water with the run off levels
  8. So run off was 6.6 pH wise. Temps are fairly stable at 80-85 degrees with 40% humidity. Some more pictures but it's gotta be a combo of things eh. Shame cause they looked so good too

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  9. I keep reading about this FF soil but i'll stick with my canna Coco coir from amazon with A&B. Until i recently tried canna Coco coir brick ive never had ph run exactly 6.0 the whole fkn way through from the moment i opened the coir out of the bag. Amazing. I guess there is something to be said about companies steaming it vs what canna does. Im sorry about your girls bro


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