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  1. These are just a few ideas that have been running through my mind for the past few weeks, now I need others opinions. The first idea was brought up in some other topic, but I didn't think it was brought out to its fullest extent.

    1. Oprah. I would REALLY like to have her on our side. She influences millions of people (many of these people being women/mothers). If we could somehow get in touch with her and show how marijuana prohibition is keeping the dealers around the playgrounds and near the kids...she may want to air an episode or two on legalization (in return possibly convincing millions of mothers). Many times I hear the stereotype that marijuana and African Americans go hand in hand. Not exactly true, but maybe we can use this to show her that many African Americans are incarcerated because of simple marijuana possession...thus also bringing up the fact how prohibition is wasting taxpayers dollars on housing inmates.

    2. I think that we should be fighting for the legalization and taxation of marijuana, but not allowing (or allowing only after paying heavily for permit) people to grow their own or sell their own. This shows the government that they will almost ALWAYS be able to make money, and not have to worry about the guy down the street undercutting their prices or growing their own. I know it isn't exactly what everyone wants, but it might be good to start small and show the government that not everyone will grow their own...leaving them with no profit. This way also allows police to keep some funding to investigate matters of illegal growing/selling (without permit). This idea isn't thoroughly thought out from all angles, but it's just basic.

    It's 3 in the morning and I'm pretty tired so I'm sure there is a on I've left out and will notice by rereading my post in the morning, but I'd like some feedback on the ideas. Thanks guys.
  2. I agree 100% with the oprah thing, shit, obama used her and look at him. haha, but seriously man thats a sweet idea. +rep 4 that one. remember me when it gets started i'll be the first to help.
  3. Ahaha I love the Oprah idea. You had to come up with that when you were high :p. It's genius. However, I'm not to sure I'm comfortable with the government having their dirty little hands in my pot. They'll try to find the cheepest fastest way to grow, sell, and provide. Which seems parallel in my mind to how unhealthy fast food is. My fear is that in growing it as fast as they can, they'll add some sort of harsh chemical that in turn will actually make marijuana cancerous... or some shit like that. Just a prediction lol.

    You're onto something with that Oprah thing though!
  4. This is why it should just be decriminalized, when it is decriminalized were allowed so many more options than now, society would just be saying "No,No, no." but still, the idea of using oprahs influence is capitol.:hello:
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    Haha glad you like the Oprah idea. Bill Maher is also a big supporter of marijuana, I will see if I can get in contact with him to do a few episodes on marijuana legalization.

    I'm quite certain Oprah has her own online forum, so I might make a couple topics on there and try to persuade mothers and readers.
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    Sweet! If you want, let me know, I would love to back you up. This Book/Website has lots of facts AND it cites all of it's information... it might help you out when you get all those ignorant arguments.
  7. ya bro, let me know too, if u need any help i'll back u up too.
  8. #1 Yea, Oprah would be a great boon to the movement but good luck getting her on board. If it is not a corporate sponsored money maker she is generally uninterested.
    #2 NO WAY! I do not need the government taxing the snot out of me for growing anymore than I need them taxing me for brewing personal use beer. As long as I'm not selling my grow to anyone then the government has no business regulating me.
    #3 You cat pics are nauseatingly cute.

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