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Some Help With Parents

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smokey2112, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, my first post here & im gana go ahead and apoligize that its about a drug test haha, but anyways, my situation is that my parents caught me with a bunch of beautiful buds a while back, and have drug tested me once already and i passed because i respected them enough to stay clean for a while. But hey, who can resist a big bowl of dank after a stressful week? Not me.. So, ive been smoking lately, enough to make me fail a test. So ive been looking into synthetic urines on the web, to ensure that i pass and dont get my car keys taken from me for enjoying a plant (i never drive after smoking/drinking, ever). So, What synthetic urine is best, & will the urine make the control line on the test show up? They use a First Check home test, that tests for all different types of drugs, opiates, cocaine, thc, amphetimines, things of that sort. Please reply with a knowlegable answer to help a brother out, i just wanted to be specific about the test to get the direct answer i need, i found nothing specific on other forums or google. Thanks guys!
  2. id just tell them to mind their own business and stop being so nosey. if its not effecting you in a bad way i dont see why they would care, and you also sound underage.
  3. I've never personally used any myself but have heard synthetic urine is the way to go if you're not being watched. Although, it needs to be the right temperature which can be attained by the supplied hand warmers(I believe most kits come with the warmers.)
    I don't know if we can post links to products here(some forums you can't) and I'm too lazy to look through the rules so I'll pm the brand I've heard thrown around quite a bit.
  4. get a friend thats clean to pee in a pill bottle for you the day of the test. keep it between your nuts and leg so it remains at body temperature. worked for me every time
  5. Ive thought about the clean urine thing, but id have to keep the urine a while because the tests are randomized, thats the only thing. Im just worried about the synthetic making the control line on the test show up, and be negative for everything (i only use marijuana medications).
  6. Don't you have to agree to a drug test unless you are like court ordered?
    Either way, tough situation man :( 
  7. I mean, my parents are the type that think "drugs" (weed) will kill your brain cells, make you fail school, take all your money so you steal or sell stuff to get more, and just wreck your life. I cannot get through to them about it, they just get mad when i tell them the facts. I myself have anger problems, short fused temper, depression sometimes, and a shit ton of life problems like abuse & etc, and i dont use it to get high, i mostly smoke at night to just relax for a while and ease my mind, and help me sleep. Its the only medication for me that works, and they wana send me to rehab thinking i have a drug problem and everything else, and i just dont get it, so to make them happy, id pass the tests with synthetic urine but i dont wana fail and have all that happen, ya get me?
  8. rehab for weed? i'd laugh in their face
  9. Well not so much as in a rehab center, but like a drug management conselour or something three times a week.
  10. You have to be 18 years or older to be on this forum. 
  11. Uhm, I am 18? How else do you think i could have a car for them to take the keys to it? Duhh.
  12. Well actually i suppose a 16-17 year old could drive,but whatever, the point is, i am of age good sir.
  13. If u r 18 and smoking means enough go move out, otherwise try convincing them it's harmless. If they don't accept somethings gotta change lol

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  14. I have no money to move out just yet, im actually waiting on colleges and such right now, and there is also alot of sickness (from old age) in my family right now, so i really dont wana move out just yet.
  15. All i need to know, is that the synthetic urine will pass every thing on the test, the control line, and negative for every substance. I dont wana fail for say meth or something just trying to pass the THc part.
  16. if you're 18 even if you arent moved out your a man now and you don't have to worry about your parents drug testing you
  17. and no the synthetic urine will not show up posotive for any drugs
  18. What about the control line?
    He does when he's a spoiled little bitch. Lol I had my own car, my own motorcycle and my own place when I was 18. Sure it took a lot of working and financial aid but I made it happen. 
  20. WHAT PARENT drug tests their child?!  :confused_2:

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