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    so i got 9 clones that have been under 250w m/h for a lil over a week now, and i was wondering when do i switch them over to 1000w m/h and keep them in veg, im more worried about giving them to many lumens at the begging idk if thats even possible i can only assume hitting young clones with high lumens couldnt be good, but then i think about the sun. so i just dont know and im lost :)

    THANKS GC MEMBERS You Guys/Gals are GRRRRRRRRRRREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!(tony the tiger great)
  2. at about a foot tall. They will double in size when u flower so however big you want your plants. If you have a tall grow room u can veg them out to like 3 feet if you have like a 7 foot ceiling. If its sativa it will tend to stay short and bushy. If indica it will tend to get tall. So its kind of up to you. Personal preference. You can always flower from seed and get little tiny plants with dense buds.
  3. oh my bad. I thought u were gonna throw them under hps not just a bigger mh. sorry didnt read it that good. lol

  4. You asked when to switch to a "1000 w m/h", is that to continue vegging? Or did you mean to say a 1000w HPS and begin flowering?
  5. yea to keep vegging, cuz my plans are going to move them up from 12 ounce cups, to a gallon, to a 2 gallon , then when i flower move them to 4 gallon, i got 8ft ceilings
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    im put same thing twice

  7. well medicated, i know the feeling lol
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    I thought sativas grew tall and indicas short. :bongin: :confused:

  9. Yeah yer right.... someones been kickin back tonight[​IMG]
  10. lol i thought the same but im new so i cant put info in im not 100% on lol but anyone able to help me lol
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    OK potheads ;) back to the question, because this blade's got a good one.

    I would say that you should think of it in terms of coverage of square feet rather than plants -- each light has a certain footprint that is optimal, for the 250w around 3 sq ft or less and for the 1kw about 8 sq ft or less. That's optimal, you will still get adequate light on the fringes beyond those perimeters, tapering off the farther out you get.

    So it depends not only on the plant size but the pot size and basically plants per square foot. If you have them in small pots you could keep them under the 250w until they are ready for transplant, if you have them in larger pots already or a table with set dimensions then maybe not. And factor in when the plants are filling out the footprint beyond the boundary. You'll have to gauge for yourself when each light is appropriate. G'luck.
  12. thanks, that made alot of sence ill deff follow those guidelines

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