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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by wattew, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. Hi all...

    Sorry it has taken so long to post these pics. Ok to start a little info about the grow.

    GrowRoom 3ft * 6ft Wardrobe
    400watt Hps + 2* 35watt fluro
    John Innes number 3 soil
    Miracle grow (Only used twice in whole grow, very dillute)
    Fresh Air intake and extracter exhaust
    Ocillating Fans * 2
    Temp 75-80
    Ph 6.5
    Water every 2-3 days, Has changed now after sids advice of flushing which i have done today, also transplanted into larger pots, because roots were showing at bottom of old pots.
    Hps 16inches from plant tops. Now i will only water maybe once a week not sure, ill see how it goes.

    The plants are 9 days into flowering and i still cant tell sex can you???

    Also plant two leaves are turning yellow and seem to be dying?

    Where do you think im going wrong, help appreciated


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  2. sick plant i did burn the plants when first used hps....

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  3. Help Sexing maybe??

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  4. Cant see any white hairs, green looking long thin strands but not white hairs?? P.s there is know light getting into my wardrobe its completly dark at 12hrs off period...

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  5. it takes almost 2 weeks for them to start showing. give it 5 more days or so, and youll know! the first plant with the burns, jus pay attention to it. if its yellowing, could be a nitro def.

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