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  1. Hi there, i'm a total newbie, i got this from a friend cause i really don't have any $$ to spent on grow medium.

    Traysubstrate From klasmann-deilmann

    Substrate: Traysubstrate Recipe-No.: 060 pH-value (H2O): 6.0 Fertilization (g/l): 1,3 Structure: extra fine Use for: Vegetable and tobacco seedlings

    Nitrogen 180 mg/l
    Phosphorus 210mg/l
    potassium 240 mg/l
    Magnesium 100 mg/l
    sulfur 140 mg/l

    Is this ok to plant? Do i need to add anything?
    Thanx for the help guys
  2. whats the ratio for the K, N , and I forget the other letter? haha:smoke:

    Check out fox farms, they have really good stuff and I see videos of where once transplanted the plant just takes off.
  3. I think it's P. N P K ? In that order?
    OP, are you starting from seedling? I find it's better to have no nutes even in the soil for about a week or two, then start at somewhere between 1/8 to 1/4 strength and move up.
  4. haha i bet that's a nice bud you 're smoking, not as goos as the one i am curently destroying in my bong thought lol :smoking:

    I've heard a lot of great things about Fox Farms, i've done some research but i didn't find any reseller in my country nor i had a budget to spent on soil and grow medium, so a friend just gave me this.

    K stands for potasium N for nitrogen P for phosphorus Mg for Magnesium and so on...
  5. yes indeed nosferatu, seeds are germinating as we speak :hello:
  6. just stick to organics then? or try to find fox farms on the web...

    best advice is look for soil suitable for tomatoes:smoke:
  7. uh, i think it says suitable for vegetables, fast growing and tobacco seedlings. . . Should do?
  8. Just keep an eye on it for any burn. If no burn, you're good to go!
    I've started seeds in MG moisture control soil before when i first started and they ended up 6 feet now!
    I can't wait for harvest. They're so big i get paranoid :eek:
  9. climb a ladder and get some finger hash bro, wtf 6 ft? :eek:
    you may be paranoid now, but when you smoke em you'll be mentally distorded :bongin::bolt:
    What strain are you breeding
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    Haha yeah man, that was outdoors for ya. That was my first run ever while i gathered my indoors stuff.
    Just bagseed for my first time. I did get some clones of rosemary kush (no idea. It's what my buddy said), Grandaddy purp, and ordered some shiva seeds for a nice little perpetual though.
    I figure i can safely do 2 of each at a time inside and have plenty for me and my company ;)

    Edit: There, a pic. What you can't see, is there IS a house about 60~ feet away from mine. Thank god for heavy foliage. I'm praying leaves don't start dropping soon and I'm going to have to think something up.

    Sorry for derailing a lil :)

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  11. i've heard a few interesting things about kush and would like to try some in my next grow, I hope after a decent first one. with a bunch of strains every 2 months your company should lose a couple million brain cells for sure, there really is heaven :smoke:
    See ya man gotta hit that bong
  12. Rip one for me man, i got a 2 hour drive in a little bit heh.
  13. FYI marijuana does not kill brain cells. That was republican bullshit propoganda to support the brilliant war on drugs. Recent studies actually suggest thc might actually help regenerate brain cells. Acknowledging their lies as fact misrepresents us smokers who actually use our brains.

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