Some hate is acceptable on a college campus

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  1. You just have to be the right color and hating the right people. Some of you might have caught the speech David Horowitz gave at UCSD:

    [ame=]YouTube - Muslim Students Association invites David Horowitz to their Hitler Youth Week[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - David Horowitz and a leftist student at UCSD May 19, 2010[/ame]

    Here you have Muslims students openly endorsing the mass murdering of Jews. The school has done nothing about this, even though the same school went ape shit when some students had a party called "Compton Cookout". It seems that only certain kind of hate is frowned on, which is nothing new to many of us who have seen this coming a mile away.

    Left, right and wrong - Los Angeles Times

    So, why is hatred actually protected by the same people who claim to be paragon's of diversity and tolerance?
  2. If I had the opportunity I would want to ask that first girl whether her support for Hamas was generated out of a desire to kill Jews or out of a desire to free Palestinians from the yoke of Israel... Some people view them as one in the same, but I do not.

  3. She openly endorsed the eradication of Jews, so I don't think its a big mystery.
  4. Ah, I should have paid closer attention at the 3 minute mark... That's some fucked up shit.

  5. If you read that article, the author tried to find out why the school is supporting this and all he got was ramblings about school funding. He noted that the same college went nuts over a student's party that was called "Compton cookout". Yet, they don't seem to have a problem with violent racism, as long as its coming from the right kind of person.
  6. Good thread, Drone.

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