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  1. Hi All

    I'm new to the forums, so a sunny Hello from South-Africa!

    I built a 1m x 1m x 2m growroom, with a 400W Sunmaster HPS lamp. The inside is lined with a type of roofing insulation material (Sisalation). I have a 300mm fan blowing inside the room, with a 125 cubics/hour extractor fan at the top of the door's side (not above the lamp shade). There are 2 inlet holes of around 120mm each.

    My problem is that the temperature goes up to about 39 degrees C, I can't get it down, and the humidity will not go over 33%?

    Please help with this problem. Check out my pics attached. I know about humidifiers, but how do I get the temp down? How far should the light be from my plants? They all have their first 4 leaves already. Peace !!:confused:

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  2. cooltube with a blower or 6in inline fan should do it
  3. Thanks for the help man.

    My first plant is a nice dark green color, and has 4 large leaves, and 2 developing. All leaves are drooping down. Overwatering?

    ":smoking:Stoned is the way of the walk..."
  4. i would guess over watering. only water when the top inch or so is dry, i know u use metric so when it dries out on top, thedn water. if u stick your finger in and it feels moist, u dont need to water. as far as light distance goes, place the blub as close to ur plants as you can without burning them. place ur hand under the light and move it away until it does not feel that hot anymore, that is where ur light should be. how is the bud in south africa by the way??
  5. ya the drooping is by over watering the leaves sound like they have a nice color too them, and you should get the temps down i think 29-30 C is the area for pot. and like ganja said get the lights closer but not too close too burn them. i think 18 inches away from the bulb is the way too go.
  6. Thanks for the input. Lekka is the term we use in SA, the same as awesome! or excellent!. Will move the light down, it's sitting at about 56cm (25 inches I think?) from the plant tops. When the seedling has opened it's first two tiny leaves, should I move them to the 400W light then, or when do you reckon is the best time?

    Cheers Cheers

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