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  1. Hey all, I am hoping to start a guerilla grow soon in the UK, obviously I know the weather is not idea here but I have chosen a strain which is suited for colder northern hemisphere climates :)

    I have chosen the LowRyder strain for its fast grow time and because its suited to cold weather : Lowryder #2 Autoflowering Feminised Seeds Lowryder - original auto-flowering cannabis seeds

    I am planning to go to my guerilla spot in late August/Early September, digging a large hole in the poor soil and filling it with a nice airy nutrient filled soil and then simply planting the seed and watering every so often.

    I know this is extremely late in the growing season but I am not concerned about yield. Will the plant just not grow at all since its so late or just grow very slowly?

    Please excuse my ignorance about marijuana cultivation, I'm only new :eek:

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  2. I say go for it what do you have to lose you can buy more seeds, I would get some chicken wire and paint it black, really helps with animals.

    The plant will still grow until sexually mature then bud, but good luck as long as you give it good sun, water, and nutrients it should thrive.
  3. Try some Hollands Hope. Can grow in wet moldy conditions.
  4. Autoflowers work on time not light. Its usually about 60-90 days, some can be longer. If you had the plant under light for 1-2 hrs a day, it will grow but only too about 6-7inches im not sure. But if you had under light for 18-20hrs a day it will grow to about 30-40inches im not sure but you get the picture. The Autoflower will still flower no matter how tall it is, its just about trying to get some amount of light too it and were still getting about 14-15 hrs daylight a day so id say go for it, at the very least you will have xperience for next years go.
    Only thing id suggest is a Cold Frame Greenhouse for them cos if they not done by say end October the frosts might kill them.

    Also i have some Autos just gone into flower they are Pure Lowryder.

    Best of Luck

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