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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by LaVa, Nov 17, 2001.

  1. here is a pic of a nickel i bought minus 2-3 bowls.... its really good. ill try to post some i just got...

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  2. only payed 5$

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  3. Looks like shitty bush to me m8. Not been funny or nothing.

  4. looks like commerical shit to me, but hey weed is weed
  5. yea it looks like shit but oh well itts good
  6. Yes, looks shitty...but this gave me an idea....we should get the Amsterdam people to post a few pic of the typical buds you'd pick up the shops that is what I would like to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
  7. yea like comparison.. sorry im all high rigth now becasue of that weed and some fresh homegrown.. ill post those pics later
  8. Lava where did that weed come you grow your own????????
  9. i bought it from the police ;)
  10. Lava you trying to be smart ha ha ha ha. its not a stupid cod have bought it.......right
  11. of course i bought it. does that look like homegrown at all?
  12. whats the diffenerts in each look. all you do is take the bud off the plant and brake it up and put it in a bag...........right?
  13. um like a lot of weed comes from mexico and columbia.. and they compress it and transport it and some weed if u know where to go comes right off the plant into your hands
  14. Well the weed im going to grow will be right in my damn hands. you never grown weed before.
  15. no i havent but i know a lot of people who do so i get some there no effort
  16. you sould grow your own.......if you smoke alot! thats what im going to do the end of febuary. im tired of spending money on weed. im going to grow my own........and if my 2 females(which i plan on having) producded to much weed.......ill sell some of it.
  17. It's some decent stuff going around that does the job.

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  18. Hope there was stuff on that fat ass stem before you took the pic!

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  19. weed is weed? houses burn but i dont try to suck up that smoke eather,low grade to high grade is a much better way to class weed,better than nothing, yes or maybe its all in the taste i think ,point ,what good is have great weed if you cant stand the taste of it,i wont smoke dog shit if it gets me high or not!lol good luck tazz11

    greetzzz from Amsterdam!!

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