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Some good shit

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MrHhhiiiooo, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Not the best pic but this is some of the best stuff ive had but i broke down and payed 25 for a g. Its SOOO good though.

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  2. Looks good man... I would never EVER pay 25/g for something in my life but it looks good.
  3. #3 MrHhhiiiooo, Aug 1, 2011
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    Yeah i REALLY dont like to but i knew this stuff was really good and i can never find good stuff around here.
  4. 4 grams for $100. Just think about how ridiculous that is. That would be $700 an oz. Fuck that...
  5. 25 a gram?

    as long as your enjoying it bruh.

    all that matters.

    looks good to me tho.
  6. very dank bud, man. i'm used to smoking weed like that on the regular. it's what's around in my area of new jersey
  7. you should never pay over 20 dollars a gram.

    please dont fund those idiots...
  8. you should never pay more than 10 a gram tbh
  9. yeah incase you didnt know about half of the world is still on that $20 a gram shit so...

    i wish I could live somewhere with medical too....
  10. Honestly even tho its the standard. 20/g is a fucking rip off 25 even more a damn rip off.
    Dank bud should honestly be 5/g I hope its that way when its legal

    And tbh that doesnt look like it it AMAZINGLY Dank. (Don't mean any offense buddy)

  11. Agreed. . . And 5/g would be amazing.. Just think, 140/O.. I'd be so happy with that lol
  12. Prices are 25-35 a g in oak grove mo.... Shots fucking ridiculous but always dank.. I usually pay 20 for .7 .8
  13. #13 Phenomejon, Aug 1, 2011
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     that's nuts!
  14. I wouldn't smoke OG Kush for 25 a g.
  15. dude i wanna slap my boy in the face...

    getting fronted oz for 330... and ITS MIDS.. Its straight up mids... the only reason he keeps doing it he says thats all he can get on front.. but he still pays the dude back 330 a o... for shit that looks like 150 a o... retard

  16. Why would you even smoke then? That's retarded just grow dude.
  17. Where i live it is absoulutly the same- 20 to 25 dollars per .8 :(:(
  18. Looks very nice! You should come up with a plan to grow your own though.. :smoke:
  19. Oh I plan on it lol just have to get me own place u know? And its because people sell it for way to fuckin much
  20. shit and i think 350 an O is a rip off here in MD. but as long as you enjoy it :smoke:

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