Some good news for a change.....

Discussion in 'General' started by patriot, Jun 30, 2002.

  1. The Libertarian Party has registered a majority of candidates in the state of North Carolina. Let's vote the prohibitionist bastards out of office.
  2. if i lived in NC, i'd vote for the LP, but i don't. :) but anyone else who lives there should!
  3. I have noticed that the LP's are gaining alot of voter support in many states. Perhaps the alarm clock has finally gone off.

    Spread the word.... it is the only way to effect a change.
  4. The Libertarian Party is in all 50 states. I will post the national web page link here. Click on it and then you can find your local area through that. Happy 4th to everyone. I find no reason to celebrate it any longer though.
  5. yeah. from now until the next election do your best to help campaign. tell as many people as u can... all of you... about how wrong things are... if u get told of for doing so remind them about your freedom of speech and that u live in a DEMOCRACY. with any luck things may get put back to the way america was supposed to be.

    and if when election time comes round there is still a massive short fall you will know that bush or whoever is upto that buying votes trick that time round, has corrupted the system once again... i'm sure there must be something about that in the constitution.

    major campaigning must then ensue.

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