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    Well me and my buddy have been messing around with this autotune app and we've come up with some funny shit.

    They're short, but we've got a ton of them, if you like em I'll post more. It's pretty much a bunch of talk about weed, and your mom. Makes me laugh. :smoking:

    [ame=]Flaming Flowers - YouTube[/ame]

    Oh and, not like anyone cares, but I made the background. :hippie:
  2. hmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. Better than most rappers today. :laughing: I actually laughed pretty hard at this, post some more man.
    I like the background too.
  4. Alright man here's another one, I took all the photos haha

    [ame=]Meal is Late.wmv - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Hahaha! How long can you make these? Come up with some decent lyrics and you can make like an actual full song. It wouldn't even be that bad of a song probably.
    EDIT: Whats the app called? I'm gonna download this. :cool:
  6. Longest one. I'm done making them for tonight.

    Let me know if they make you laugh

    [ame=]Vito Corleone - YouTube[/ame]
  7. It's my daughter's fuckin' wedding day, bitch

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