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Some fun shit

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by boredjim8, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. Wyen smokin buy a blunt and rip it up and throw peice in w/ the bud in the bowl (if u arent against smokin some tabacoo) it makes it hit nice as hell and i love the taste (hate cigs) odd? heh and the dizzyness from it is great and gets u super ripped rofl .. also today i was hittin a bowl of resin chunks weed chunks and blunt chunks all at once in the bong .. mmmm crazy fucked up mad couch lock too sept in teh car?
  2. Man, just roll a blunt, smoke it, and then firecracker the roach, its basically the same thing but it hits like nothing else. then your not wasting the money on blunt wraps.
  3. Man i have to say... that is disgusting.
  4. I like rippin on blunts too, whatever.

    its a good cheap buzz, and its def better than doing duster or some other random drug.

  5. .
  6. its only smoking tobacco, or basically hitting a blunt through a piece

    how is that gross?
  7. cause man if your going to do that just get some cigarette rolling tobacco, weve all seen the "guts" pretty gross lookin.
  8. i perfer the guts over ciggerette tobacco, there is a big difference between the 2, and what is even better than that is going out and buyin some strawberry pipe tobacco(its pretty cheap some places), and roll it up with like half a gram in a nice little spliff, they burn a bit slower and LOTS more evenly, no more running joints! dont look down on it if youve never tried it (except crack and down, rofl)
  9. yeah, tobacco + joints = good, even burning :smoking:.
  10. i never smoke tobacco. ive ben smoking weed since i was 17. im 20 now, and i have never smoked a ciggarette. being surrounded by your dads 2nd hand smoke from his marlboro reds since you were born kinda puts you off.
  11. im not a large fan of tobacco buzz, just doesnt feel that great to me. im up for OCCASIONALLY putting a little pipe tobacco in on a blunt tho
  12. theres cardboard and all sorts of shit that isn't even tobacco in blunts
  13. Random question who does a pack of "cigs" cost like 5 bucks and a blunt with like a pack of "cigs worth of tobbaco only cost like 78 cents "fo da PO folk" just wondering you know how it is
  14. wtf are you talking about? cigars are made out of tobacco leaves you idiot. its tobacco wrapped in tobacco leaf

  15. Yeah a blunt wrap is just processed tobacco leaves that have been pressed and layered.
  16. I ment i baught a blunt wrap not one fillled w/ tobacco and ripped it didnt use it so instead of flushin / throwing out i just ripped it up and made lil balls of it like the size of


    and threw them in the bowl along with some nugs.. not the actul guts of a blunt.. the outter leave .. not even .. its a blunt WRAP .. ;\
  17. have you ever seen a box of blunts? they say "these cigars contain tobacco and non-tobacco products" non-tobacco products being the key word here. that means cardboard, fuckface
  18. thats cool i guess
    just don't smoke the shit inside of a blunt it's some real shitty ass shit

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