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Some fruity grape stuff my dealer let me sample...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by svr_2008, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Well it smells fruity, has dark purple shit inside and my friend smoked it while I didn't (being the designated driver that I am) and said it tasted like grapes. Can't wait to burn some of this stuff later tonight but for it dank? If it does I'll start buying this "new shit" my dealer has.

    Pics are from iphone sorry lol...

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  2. Looks pretty good. I bet it is an indica high.

    Happy toking :smoke:
  3. why not drive after you smoke its not alcohol? the weed looks pretty good though.

  4. Some people like to remain unimpaired while moving a 1,900 lb motorized hunk of steel.
  5. looks pretty bomb,shit,i'd buy from him :bongin:
  6. i cant speak for everyone when i saw this but weed does not impair me enough to effect my driving at all. when im drunk i know its not safe for me to drive and i can clearly tell im impaired. i have never once questioned my ability to drive when ive been high. do a little research on the subject and you'll see whats up.
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    That's you personally. Some people don't feel comfortable doing that. No amount of research will change that. If you get behind the wheel and get all paranoid because you're high, a study won't change that. And you have to remember weed is still illegal w/o medical rec. If you get pulled over for a busted tail light and your eyes are as red as the devils dick and you're all giggly, you might get searched and/or some form of citation/arrest.
  8. Is that shit wrapped in Notebook paper? :poke:

  9. as long as you know how to control yourself you don't really have to worry.

    and also that does look like nice bud. i can't see it to well though, so i can't tell if its dank or not.
  10. Your missing the point. It's about personal preference. I don't feel comfortable getting behind the wheel when I'm REALLY fucked up and like someone said before, no study or amount of research is gonna change that.
  11. yea man I def. wouldn't be up to driving after I get high...atleast give me and hour or two.

    But OP what is the high like? Looks kinda good.
  12. Don't criticize the OP for being responsible man. He can do what he wants. But that bud looks sooooo nice.
  13. Yeah even if driving while high is the safest thing in the world, I PERSONALLY don't like to drive with an altered state of mind.

    The high is niiiiiceee :smoke: really relaxing and clear headed so I think it's a hybrid. Tastes like fruit/grapes too. Also really sticky. Here are some more pics, even though bad quality, lol. I really need to buy a new camera :).

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  14. Damn that looks like some blackberry kush. I'd give my right nut for some purps. In Ontario, you'd get lucky to get anything other than standard BC kush. : [
  15. That may be the case for you, hell it's the case for me too. But you shouldn't say it's the case for everyone. Marijuana effects people in different ways and could make it hard for some to drive.
  16. keep this thread alive i wanna see this guy smoke that

    OP pics of you smokeing it later?
  17. Well I live in Toronto man :hello:

    Oh shit I actually blazed before I saw your reply...will do that when I next blaze so in an hour :smoke: really awesome high off 1 bowl even now watching Toy Story 3 it's awesome :smoke:
  18. looks nice what does the sample weighed, when my dealer gives me a sample its only like a bowl pack

  19. i understand that and agree with it as well when i first started smoking i would have never drove while i was high but once your tolerance goes up its becomes much easier. the second set of pictures is better though that bud looks pretty dank

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