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Some Freetime Well Spent

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FeelGood, May 5, 2004.

  1. As some of you know I was extremely sick yesterday. And as I was inside doing nothing I decided to put my bordem and freetime to work. Now usually I'll make a shitty little really ghetto pipe or bong. but this time I wanted a really good one. I found a plastic telescope I got a while back took all the shit out of it. Made some adjustments, used a lot of black/electrical tape and viola. Made a perfect air-tight bong. Now it's not like a pop-bottle bong, this one actually has a slider like a real bong. My camera is out right now but I will have pics up hopefully later tonight, but if not then definately tommorow. later.
  2. thats awesome. when I was laid up with broken bones I was able to get around enough to make a lil homemade bong out of stuff around the house. its always a fun time to be creative! :) get them pix!
  3. thats tight.....i just use a can and a
  4. Thats sick bro. When I don't have a piece cuz I broke it or whatever, I usually use an apple. If you try that you will be surprised. It's nice for mersh, but I usually like to smoke my cron or kindbud out of glass. But try it tho, cuz its easy and takes bout 2 secs.

  5. i do it all the time, lol.....i wasted about 3 apples this week from that......
  6. Fucking computer. Something is wrong with the camera card reader. I took the pictures. Can see them on the camera, but they for some reason will not load on the computer (and yes I have gotten it to work before). Some shit. Well it hit's like a dream. Really smooth. All my friends thought it was bad-ass. I coughed a fucking lung out yesterday on my first hit. I ripped that motherfucker like there was no tommorow. Should have seen the smoke cloud. We smoked a couple bowls and we were plastered. But should have the pics either tommorow or the next day. later

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