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    What's up GC :smoke:

    I've been uploading some old freestyles of my buddies and I tonight, and I figured I'd throw a couple up on here and see what you guys think.

    Who Got It Freestyle by Crizpy9119 on SoundCloud
    This is me freestyling over the Souls of Mischief "You Got It" beat. (btw when I say freestyling I mean off the top)

    Snimmpy the White Man mixdown1 by Crizpy9119 on SoundCloud
    Broken Promise Freestyle [Travis] by ClearLight on SoundCloud
    Mi amigo Travis rippin up a couple Toonami instrumentals. These were both about a year ago.

    Buddhist Fonk Freestyle by ClearLight on SoundCloud
    The 2 of us freestyling sometime late in 08/early 09... when we were 17. Just high, fuckin around having fun

    Here's a couple actual songs from our group Basic:
    Elementary by soundsBASIC on SoundCloud
    Quantum by soundsBASIC on SoundCloud

    ^ This is our most recent stuff.

    So yea, give it a listen. Let me know what you think.

    Peace :bongin: :wave:
  2. your buddy travis sorta sounds like wyclef :wave:
    [ame=]Kai Straw Presents Taj-He-Spitz FreeStyle - YouTube[/ame]

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