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Some Florida Pick-ups

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by F.L.A, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone, I'm new to the forums. Just thought I would share some of the bud coming through central Florida. Tell me what you think!

    Some newer dank:
    2.7g nug


    Some older good:



  2. NICE, they all look good but first and last looked the best
  3. thanks man. just smoked another bowl of it after a long day at class and I can definitely say I'm enjoying it:smoke:
  4. looks good man
  5. How much a gram do you pay?
  6. Thos hairs are amazing! I just wanna pluck'em all day long. Good lord that appears to be some tasty pot.

  7. around here dealers who sell grams charge $20 and 25-30 1/16ths. I bought a quarter of the first stuff for $100.
  8. some good haze in the first few pics, wish i would see some purp in my area...good vibes man:smoke:
  9. ive had very similar buds before....props
  10. Thanks everybody. I'll be finishing it up before I leave to Canada on Thursday.:) Hopefully I'll have some more pics up soon.
  11. Ah good ol Anthony's Pizza. I used to work at one of their locations years ago. I wonder if Frankie and Tom aka Anthony still run the place

  12. How is that place? I've been wondering if I should go or not.

  13. If they are still running it, they have some of the best italian and pizzas you can get some one of those NY pizza places here.

    You would assume that they are italian but actually most of the NY pizza places around here are full of Albanians and Slavs...or it used to be.

    There was a time where the Y.A.C's or yugoslav's, Albanians, Croats, ran a lot of stuff here in Central Florida. They even had cops on their payroll. I saw some shady shit back then

  14. I'll have to check it out sometime, and that shit is crazy.
  15. Nice buds man. You around the UCF area?

  16. yeah.
  17. hah noway both of u guys got to hit me up i go to fullsail but i live right next to UCF. we gotta blaze sumtime cuz i definently wanna get that bud FLA lol.
  18. Crazy I got a friend at fullsail and he's on here too.

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