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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GRiM420, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. I couldnt find the wierd stuff thread so fuck it ill start a new one.I know this is long but read it cuz its some crazy shit.

    Today me and a friend and his lil bro didnt have shit to do so for some reason we went to the woods to look for shrooms. theres a street with houses on both sides that suddnely stops and theres barbed wire. kinda looks like this i guss.

    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |

    the dotted lines are the barbed wire. well you have to cross the barbed wire and theres a big ass field with a trail that you have to go through to get through the woods. theres plastic stuff wrapped around the barbed wire. well we went and were just looking for cow patties in hopes of finding shrooms. well we got to the woods and walked along the pond and i kept thinking how dead everything was around the pond. i mean correct me if im wrong but ive always thought that plants and shit grow around water? well around the pond the plants are fucking tall about 9 or 10 feet tall but surrounding the pond theres nothing but grayish/white mud. were thinking of growing weed around the pond but then we noticed nothing grows there. then i said if we see some cow shit to get water from the pond and water the cow shit and i saw a water bottle covered in mud and a few steps forward an old gatorade bottle coverd in mud inside and outside. we kept going and just everything around the pond was dead. the ground was white and cracked, and no trace of anything living there. there was an old tire erroded from who knows what. the whole thing was white and there were trees by the pond but they were dead and falling over and they were completely white. it wasnt that it was a white tree the tree was dead . everything around the pond was black and white, no other colors except for the plants which are green.we kept going and found a good place to post up. we sat down for a while talking and i noticed there were no bugs, but everywhere else there were a bunch of little bugs flying around n shit. there was a tree growing right by the water, but this tree is fucking crazy, its like a pine tree but it has leaves and theyr dark dark green. and the bark is jet black. i got a wierd vibe from that tree the whole time. then we saw ripples in the water but they were different. like spots in the water coming towards us. we thought they might be fish so we started throwing stuff and it would make ripples but the spots would stay there, the ripples wouldnt affect them. ryans lil bro threw a can in there and for some reason i got a wierd feeling right then.

    then, we all hear a loud shriek. followed by barking which sounded alot like laughing. it was close to on the other side of the pond, the side we had to go through to get back home. behind us were tall ass plants we couldnt go through. at ryan suggested it was a monkey cuz it sounded a hell of a lot like a monkey. it kept shreiking but it sounded like a woman then it would start laughing. we hear more barking but it was different pitches and at different places. so then we figured fuck, hyenas. we kept hearing them howling and laughing, but theres one problem, i dont think iver ever heard about fucking hyenas in san anotnio other than at the zoo. well we were freaked so we decided to get the fuck out of there. then it sounded as if they were whimpering and we kept hearing that shreiking noise. as we walked around the pond i noticed there was garbage ALL around the pond covered in mud, but the pond was empty, clean. and at whatever angle you look at it it looks creepy. it just has a wierd vibe. well we were walking back and everything was quiet. he told me that other times he had gone in their him and randy (another dude) found old bottles. old medicine bottles and liquor bottles that still had liquid inside them. well we made it all the was back and just as we crossed the barbed wire fence, we heard the shreiking noise. we crossed it and ryans lil bro justin said something about the plastic on the barbed wire and how one of em looks like a shirt. i looked closer and it was a shirt. a white flanel shirt with light red stripes. the shirt was all fucked up,dirty with spots on it, in shreds caught int he barbed wire. not caugh as if someone tied it or whatever but caught as if someone was wearing it and they tried to go through the barbed wire and got caught there. i loooked at some of the brown spots and it was blood. old blood. barbed wire stabs and when you bleed it comes out as blots of blood.

    we were walking home and i remembered the bottles covered in mud. so what im thinking is that whatever the fuck is out there lives in the pond, obviously those bottles were thrown in the pond, and obviously someone had to go in there and throw them out, down to the bottom of a pond with dark water to take out garbage. and theres garbage all around the pond. im thinking this thing is a demon. right now im thinking theirs dead bodies in the pond, maybe it doesnt live there, maybe it throws bodies in the pond, or the pond is something sacred to it. and for some odd reason everything around the pond is dead. im also thinking it could be an alien, because all of the plants in those woods look crazy as hell. they all look fuckin wierd. you get an evil vibe from being in those woods. whatever that thing is must have been after whosever shirt is caught in the barbed wire. i dont know but this is fuckin wierd as hell.
  2. proberly frogs making the noise ,[​IMG]
  3. dude that'd be scraey...i dunno what i would do...but i know i get weird vibes from things.....when bad things happened or are gonna happen....its crazy
  4. try to get some pictures!! i wanna see this crazy devil pond!
  5. well... im gonna take a 'scientific stab' at this one...

    texas is hot right? dry? arrid if you will, its summer.... the heat most likely had risen and evaporated a large amount of the water around the pond....thus leaving all the nasty ass greyish white nasty mudd.... the bottles, were on the bottom of the old pond, covered in and out with mud from it.... the plants directly next to the pond are so lusicous do to the direct source of water they boarder ( almost like an oasis) the rest of the area.... where the pond would have subsided is all dull and gross..... due to no water... nothing can grow with out water....

    the noise could have been anything, birds, frogs.....who knows... but your mind does run a lil while your freaked out, probably making it worse while conspiring with your friends about what could have happened there...

    the bubbles....... turtles do that.... so do natural springs.....and area's of loose sediments where pockets of air break out of the ground....

    the shirt was just prob some jackass cutting him self and leaving it there..... before anything else was there to grab onto....

    i don't know being that i can't actually see the place, im just assuming these things... who knows..... it could be a giant pool of hell spawn for all we know, maybe even an under ground missle silo or government thing.....oil too...:D

    i was just giving the most likely scenario's for the situation at hand, hope that helps....:p

    edit: holy fuck, i think thats the longest response i have ever posted....
  6. no no no gravy you've got it all wrong, it's OBVIOUSLY a DEMON, it probably followed you home. it's probably looking at you through a window right now. or hey it has demonic powers, it doesn't need a direct line of sight, it's WATCHING you, right now.. even when you go to the bathroom. it's probably plotting and planning.. watch out man, beware. hehehe..
  7. We have something like that in my backyard....I live on a canal in south florida.Well usually,sometimes, when I go out there I'll stare at the canal and watch all the weeds float by from the everglades......I was with my dad and we were just sittin and talkin about swordfishing....Suddenly a white figure appears IN the water....a glowing white figure....Now this was when I never did anything so I wasnt wiggin out. It was blowing alot of bubbles and I got a weird vibe like something bad was going to happen.This figure wasnt tall, it was about maybe 2ft...Like a litte gnome or elf....It stayed for about 2minutes...Me and my dad just staring at it...The night when we saw it,the power went out in my house, Doors were slamming and shrieking noses were running through the house....something came into my room and fucking knocked all these books off the shelf, ripping my water bed...Anyway thats been the fucking scariest thing...Well theres alot more that has to do with a graveyard but maybe later...=D....By the way, this all may seemed really fucked up but I'm not lying lol.
  8. yall need to lay off the shrooms

  9. Dude, you gotta tell some more about that shit!
  10. I think he's schizophrenic.. :D YAY SCHIZOPHRENIA!!
  11. gravy ur like the men in black...trying to cover up everything with something scientific lol. we will find out the truth!

  12. or i might just sometimes....may i say again 'sometimes'...think ussing logic before posting.... but anywho....

    ' call it love, call it skills, call it what you will.... i don't give a fuck..'
  13. cant post pics cuz i dont got a camera.

    it cant be that the pond evaporated cuz ive been there before in the winter in the spring whatever. meh i havent been there in a while, me and my friend were gonna go back but we were too fuckin drunk and we tried to make torches but just ended up burning a bunch of fucking paper in the middle of the street.

    meh i dont know i think its a dead body. theres a drug dealer that lives on the same street. er a pimp. one o those. well him and some dude are doing shit in an empty house cuz theyr building houses and theres a whole block of unfinished houses where no one lives so theres no lights at all. its pitch black at night you cant see shit. well anyways me and a friend and some chick were getting blazed at some random house and a car pulls up. we play it off and just start walking away and some asian chick and some dude counting a fuckload of money comes out. the chick looked pretty good but she was all fucked up on something. i think she was wired.
    we took off and about two hours later the car was still there. and before that i saw some dude walking over there at 2 in the morning with a gallon of milk. it didnt have milk in it though. i dont know jus thought that was suspicious. the same day we got drunk and burned that shit in the street, i stole a watch from some dudes car cuz the dumbass left the window open and when i was walking home he walked out of some dudes house pissed as hell screaming,"THAT BITCH BETTER GIVE ME BACK MY FUCKING MONEY OR IM GOING TO FUCK UP HER FACE!."

    well one of those dudes probably killed some dude on the barbed wire then dragged his dead body in the lake and chucked it in there.

    thats probly what happend. or it was probly something else. guess the world will never know . . . .
  14. was there anything growing in the pond? no algae or anything? the area around the pond might be too wet for most plants to grow maybe thats why. or like gravy said sometimes the water level might be higher and itll stop plants from growing there.

    or maybe the pond is brackish or somethin?

    the shrieking and barking noises coulda been a dog killing a rabbit or something. rabbits shriek in a really loud/bone chilling way when they die. the fbi played tracks of rabbits dying on loudspeakers to try to flush out those Waco ppl. it honestly sounds like a ghoul or somethin.

    and maybe the shirt is from someone runnin from the cops and tried to lose em in the forest or somethin

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