Some cops are nice.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Tucker3rd, May 31, 2009.

  1. Yeah, a helluva lot of the fuzz are totally corrupt, but there is some good in the world yet. Example:

    I was once on my way to a party, I was already totally baked, and I live in NYC so everything's within walking distance. I had this bag o' some incredible strain, I don't even remember what it's called, (here's where I go really off topic) but I took a tour of Europe and stayed in Amsterdam for a while (for obvious reasons, DAMN WAS THAT FUN!) and this one guy I was tokin' with was like, OBVIOUSLY rich, y'know, like he even had a goddamn chauffer waitin' outside the door, I didn't even know people still had those. Anyways, we're TOTALLY trippin, and he just turns to me an' says, "what are we smokin'? This stuff is incredible, yeah, but it's f*ckn' trash compared to THIS shit." and he just drops half a bag of the most beautiful dope I've ever seen in my lap, says "thank you for the company", and walks out the door, I didn't even catch his name, but all I knew was there was a beautiful bag o' ganja, sittin right on my goddamn lap. Back to the story, I had this bag I was saving for the occasion, and I was walkin' down the street, not realizing that a bit of the bag was poking out of my pocket. So these people were kinda like "whatever," but then this officer comes up to me an' he's all like "is that weed you're carrying there?" and I'm all flippin' out, 'cuz this was the first time I've been busted by an actual cop, but he just stays calm, an' he's like "'s okay. are you going to sell this? give it to any minors?" I just shook my head, an' he's all like "alright, but be more careful, you're lucky I had some damn good high school years. Have fun." and he jsut walked away.
  2. dude you dodged a bullet like no other haha
  3. I've had weed poking out of my pocket before too, man did I ever shit my pants when I realized it lolol. But you really got lucky there man.
  4. good cops are fucking rare, count yourself very lucky goes like 1 good per every milliont bastard..
  5. How many times have you been busted by fake cops?
  6. Well said sir!

  7. my thoughts exactly
  8. No, I mean like, some of my former friends obviously didn't approve, etc. I dunno what they're bitchin' about, but eh?
  9. Lol has anybody ever gone for there keys or cell phone in their pocket only to have the sack get stuck on them and fly out with everything else? I hate that.
  10. Haha nah but that has happened to my friend before, in ski club he always puts all his tokin shit in his pockets (bowl, lighter, weed, visine, etc). I always put my bud in another container (usually altoids) and to be extra safe then I'll zip that into a makeup case or something.
    Although, I have had half full dime bags floating around my car before, not a good idea if you'll be giving little siblings rides, or if your dad who owns the car has to go in there for a tire gauge or something :eek: Thank god I never was caught that way tho lol.
  11. Ahahaha!
    Nice one.
  12. OP, sweet story, even the off track part with the rich guy. If thats true thats so crazy. he had to be really rich or something... :eek: ???

    And that cop sounds fucking sweet. I wish EVERY cop was like that. Funny that you didnt notice untill the cop noticed, but you knew other people saw???
  13. thats pretty sweet dude. i just had an experience with some alright cops last night.

    i was at a party, live in wisconsin so were around a bonfire ya know chillen, drinking, smoking. when all of a sudden 2 cops walk up and fucken bust the party. half the people run i dont cuz i was just confused cuz they came out of no where. started breathalizing people, i had like 3 beers so i knew i would blow above 0's. and i have a thing right now with the court that if i stay out of trouble till july i wont get charged with a felony (thats a whole different story) but anyways im like fuck i cant get in trouble. so i fucken book. one cop chases me for a little bit leaves me alone. unfortanetly my car is there, i have to go back they ran the plates and know its me. i go back. talk with them. by this time after running 3 miles i blow a 0. luckily. but they wanted to give me a ticket for resisting arrest. i told them my situation with the felony and they let me off with a warning. it was tight shit.

    and then they told us to just find a better spot to party cuz they know how its like to be in high school. overall an alright night. ha.
  14. I would guess he noticed it in retrospect.
    Like if you walked to work one day and got some weird looks,
    then when you got to work you realised you weren't wearing pants-kind-of-retrospect.
  15. haha yeah... thats funny though... That would suck
  16. that happen to me in a bar!went to pay for my beer open my hand to pay in small change and there was my 1/8 of hash as plain as day for every fucka 2 c!!! the barmaid just smiled and said enjoy your beer!!!!! i said thanks drank up fast and left with the speed of a thousand gazzels:)lol

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