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Some Cool News

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. I was just reading over at norml that there are about to be 150 billboards out in the Oakland and San Fransico area supporting Ed Rosenthal and our fight for medical marijuana. 150 billboards is ALOT or atleast i think its alot. A non profit group out in mass. is the one paying for it all i guess. They said the billboards or gonna say something like "Free Ed, Free The Jury , Free America" and "Vote for you Concinsese , Free America" .

    If you guys wanna read the article im sure they explain it better than i do so heres the link:

    cant wait to drive by one of these billboards to see what they look like , thatll be cool.
  2. i have a feeling a lot of them will be taken down
  3. I have a feeling more will be put up.

    Just wishful thinking though.. :/
  4. nah i doubt any will be taken down. As long as you pay for a billboard spot and the place hosting the billboard knows what it says no one can take it down , it would actually be illegal to take down.

    Ive seen other pro medical marijuana billboards out in san francisco a few a months ago , this is a new trend in california. Alot of non profit groups hold fundraiser and people pay for the billboards.

    I mean of course they will go down eventually cause im sure they dont got the money to keep a billboard up year round but as far as a the government taking it down or anything like that they cant , like i said ive seen other pro medical marijuana billboards out in san francisco , it had a picture of ed's daught holding up a sign that said 'MY DADS NOT A CRIMINAL'
  5. That is cool news. Every step counts!!!
  6. kewl..... one step closer to making weed legal.....good.....
  7. thats a good idea and all, but i think that the government might not have anything better to do than to step in....... but it might just be me

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