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Some blunt weed!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MFred420, May 6, 2011.

  1. I picked this up for the usual 50 bucks for 8 grams.. It has a faint spicy taste/smell and deff gives you a good high for some mids:smoke:

    Pics were taken with my Droid X so they arent the best..



  2. Nice dude im about to roll some of this stuff i call one hit wonder
  3. About to get high its pretty good stuff best i can get around here i just bought a fat sack.110$ for a quarter of this dosnt really get u to high in one friend says it does for him but i have been smoking a little longer than he has.

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  4. 50 bucks for 8 grams? i pick up halfs of way better lookin mid for 50 dollars.. i guess it's just my area
  5. nice blunt and nice mids, you also use wicks for lighting?
  6. Location, location, location man..

    Prices are steep out here in the cut lol:p
  7. I light my bowls up with the wick but I use a lighter for blunts or joints

    And SMD, have fun with it man :smoke:

  8. The internet,
    where everyone has to be better than the next person.

    Smoke up OP. Wish I could smoke right now.

  9. werd.

    dope mids OP, love that rollin' bud! :D
  10. Go be negative somewhere else.
  11. Good herb, horrible pricing man, I'd go broke having to do that, its probably more worth saving upo

  12. some ok lookin mids bro..
    the new mid my boy got the buds are shaped kinda like sour diesel buds an orange hairs an smells strong like pine:) got 9 grams for 40 yesterday its all gone today tho:/ oh well i got another dime though
  13. an 8 grams of some bud like that there u shuld be payin proly 30 or 35
  14. Maybe around your area.

    Peple sell schwag for 35-45 a quarter around here

    This its not even close to the best mids my dude gets but I won't complain.

    Theres no seeds, a nice spicy taste/smell and was straight up nuggets not shake
  15. I was reading this thread and was like "I know that lighter". Nice blunt Fred. :smoke:
  16. ya i get halfs of mids, that look more nugged and better than that for 65.
    but dude,,,
    why ruin that in a blunt?
    its all good man, nice buds tho dude, look reaaallll good haha and tasty

  17. That little nug was actually a full nug before I broke 2/3 off for that blunt

    And don't worry, I smoked most in my bubbler and got the full flavor of the bud :smoke:
  18. Yupp mids out here id always do 8 for da 50.
  19. i dont care where you live.. anything more than 30/quarter for some mids is getting played out
  20. If you like that blunt weed you would love Texas, you could get the whole ounce of that for $50.

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