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Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. well lat night n and a few buddys go to this bonfire out in the woods. someone had gotten a keg and alot of beer. so were just sittin around and chillin. these guys show up with abunch of shit to burn. they keep stacking this shit on the fire till the thing is ripping. it was about 15 feet tall and we all had to stand 50ft away from it because it was too hot. it was far too big.

    well what do you know but no more then 10 mins go by and guess who shows up? cops! no i mean theres alot of people there whou could take possesion of the booze and not get in trouble for it. well most of the people book it into the woods. me, my friened "C" and "S" and this other guy decided to jump over the bank and see what up.

    well after about 3 mins of watching what was going on S says that we might be better off just standing around there. well they only checked ID's of the kids who took the heat for all the booze and the raging fire. one was 19 the other weas 22. both shitfaced and one claimed he was driving home. the cops didnt like that.

    well i hav bout 6 grams of bud on me. at this point i was contemplating tossing it and my beautiful piece. i decided to risk it and hold on to it becasue i knew if i tossed it they wouldnt have searched anyone. well so the parry went from like 60 people down to about 10-13 people who didnt run.

    the cops looked at us and said "hey we dont care that you kids party out here but this got a little out of control." the cops were cool and didnt give us many problems other then they tooke the beer and the keg. the keg was still half full. so the kid who bought the keg (C's brother) is out 50 bucks for a deposite and the money for the keg that was still half full.

    the entire time C and i were freakin out because he had a gram of yayo in his sock and i had good reef i didnt wanna ditch. im glad we held on to our shit because they were cool and just let us go.

    the moral of the story is: if you get some asshole like theat at your partys, kick his ass. but dont run because they are cooler if you stick around then if they catch you running.

  2. I'm lost... who are you saying the asshole was? The cops? The kid who said he was driving home? The kid who said to just stick around and watch? I didn't notice any assholes in your story...:confused:
  3. the assholes are the ones that kept building the fire up to the point where it wasnt cool. we told them to calm down but they just shoutd "a bunch of kids told me to calm down with the fire. FUCK YOU!"

  4. Okay, I can understand that. They should have known that a huge fire in the middle of the woods at night is going to call attention from someone. I would have booked when the fire got that big. Fuck sticking around for that sort of assholery! :cool:
  5. we were getting ready to leave. we were finnishing out last beers and leaving. then they showed up

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