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  1. Well I'll share a couple pieces, my name, www. and .com afterwards is an art website.




  2. Those are good but don't you think you could be a little more.... elaborate?
  3. I think they are b e a u t i f u l. :)
  4. I like the top one in the bottom picture; I'm not really a big fan of pollock-style abstract painting though.

  5. so do i.

    sick sig by the way.
  6. the last two are dope... i think what dude was tryna say is that there wasnt enough 'substance' in the first couple of paintings.
  7. I appreciate the feedback. Yah art is strange. When I paint with the law of attraction or telepathy whatever you want to call it, "I want to paint this for someone's home to enjoy," well then people seem to like them more. This one is terribly simple, but the lady loved it.

    This one, I painted on a Friday night outside a club, "Night Life."
  8. I don't know if it's just me, but I just don't 'feel' this artwork.
    I'm a dude that's really into detail, it's not my type.

    But do not let me discourage you, please continue!
    I don't mind the last pic you posted, would be cool if that blue thing was a moon, imo.
    A moon with a cheesy as grin.

    It's pretty cool, best yet.
  9. Art & Music are the only pure paradigms in this reality that are completely free. No rules apply. You can paint anything, and the only thing that really matters is if you like it. Since I've found I can sell art 2 ways; either I love the painting to death and then I can sell it, or I paint with the thought in mind of painting for someones home.

  10. I get where you're coming from but imo the fact that you want an aspect of the image to represent something is where the beauty of that abstraction lies...just because detail isn't visible doesn't make it intangible... your mind will place labels and reverberate colors into pattern regardless of whether or not the painter intends to display them. Get lost in the rhythm:p:smoke:
  11. Strange is good.:hello: I like it! Great work!:D
    In the bottom picture, [the ones hanging] the top one looks like it has a dolphin in it.;)
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