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    Hey everyone!

    Been drawing these for the past week or so, some I'm pretty pleased with some are just random lol.... :smoking:

    **EDIT: Hey everyone, loads more pics on page 2 as well xD


    ^^^My mental state at the time lol ^^^






    Going to Make a sticker of this to tag up around places...

    UnFinished.... (Any suggestions)?

    Based on the Dubstep track, TC-Wheres my money?


    Not quite sure how this started out (lol)
  2. They are very interesting especially those melty guys

    I'd be interested in doing my interpretation of it with your blessing.

  3. Yeah man sound, send me it once your done as well man...

    If you want the flash CS3 files i can send you them over e-mail? :smoking:
  4. Its cool I'm going to draw it by hand and
    i have photoshop
  5. Very nice work, the blue and green blobs as I see them is fantastic
  6. tight drawings man. They remind me of invader zim but like on weed. You should write a poem next to each one expressing your inner-most emotions.
  7. I'd like to frame that last one and put it on my wall.
    Nice work.

  8. Thanks Man...

    If anyone want to change or elaborate on any of the Artwork above please feel free. I can also provide the Flash files if anyone wants?

    I will be adding more tomorrow or the day after, should also be with some pickups XD... Been smokin some nice Blue Cheese, damn that shit gets you thinking of some crazy ideas to draw XD :smoke:
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    Sorry shit hasnt been updated, lol been pretty busy. Managed to get 1 more drawn, I did have a picture I drew of a really phat spliff but just as I finished it my laptop turned itself off lol, was really high detail as well. XD

    Anyways this is pretty random, not sure what I was even trying to draw... Just kind of happened while baked.


    And this one as well, its me doing some smoke trick thing, took me like 5 mins to draw.
  10. Another random image....

    The quality has been reduced drastically for some reason, will try sort this sometime....

  11. In your first post. Are numbers 5&6 based on the Tree Spirits from Princess Mononoke?

  12. Nah man, just drew all three of those randomly whilst baked... can you send me a link to what they look like man.


    Gona post some pic ups sometime, lol
  13. dude i like your art its trippy. the smoke trick one is pretty sick. reminds me of the famous pic of B.I.G.

  14. lol, thanks man....:smoking:
  15. Heres anouther piece I drew yesterday, was feeling really inspired... Did it after smoking a load of Blueberry xD, Will do some more tonight and upload.

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    Thanks man, more coming soon. Working on some new pieces right now =) :smoking:

    EDIT: Can't seem to get any inspiration... time to go get some more Blueberry I think...
  17. Just got some real nice White Russian so i'm gona start working on another piece... I'll post pics of the White Russian later, its real nice dense compact Buds 15 grams!!! :smoking: Let the goood times roll! haha

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