some amazing trippy aerial pictures!

Discussion in 'General' started by cushy, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. havent been playing the original grand theft auto in a while? good! because now you really wont be used to this fucking amazing perspective on our word.

    check these 3 pages out...but wait!! if you havent smoked yet..go do that because theyre about 4 1/2 times better stoned

    my personal favorite is this one..the flections are amazing
    (pic of forest with crazy river)

    but this one is also real good too..hmm..maybe its just the colors

    (pic of yellow beach with blue water)

    *Edit*..cant post pics I guess
  2. You cant link their photos, otherwise, pretty cool.
  3. Those were really awesome.

    But why was their like a duck clucking at me? :p
  4. ya..that website creator has no soul..he sold like every possible inch of ad space
  5. i shot at them, to shut them up!

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