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Some advice to less experienced tokers:

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HeyMan1, May 30, 2009.

  1. After recently smoking with a group of my friends who NEVER smoke with people outside of our circle, I have realized that there is something you less experienced tokers need to make sure your doing. HIT A BOWL/BONG/PIECE RIGHT. Sound's trivial, I know. But the other night, me and my friends were hitting my bong, and they had arranged one guy to hold the bong, one to light, and one to pull out the slide. WTF? It's not that hard. If you smoke with new people like this, you will get laughed at, and be instantly tagged a newb. Not only that, but it's annyoing to sit there and watch my friends waste 45 seconds taking one hit and wasting half of the smoke in the jumble of using team work to take a fucking hit.

    The became even more apparent when I was smoking with a few of the same friends indoors and we had to use a sploof with our glass bowl. This time, one guy held/hit the bowl. One guy covered the carb/ capped the bowl so no smoke was let out, and another guy handed the sploof to the smoker. WTF?

    All of these thing's don't require any sort of extremely advanced thinking. Use common sense, get a good idea of the mechanics involved with your smoking piece, and the construction of it. Bottom line: Unless you want to get laughed at, pay attention to the more experienced smokers, mimic what they are doing, and do it right. Don't be stubborn and say "MY WAY IS BETTER", because it's not.
  2. ahahha just tell ur friends how to do it. everyone starts from scratch. yea its kinda of annoying, but tell them the right way so they can eventually pass on the info to other noobs.
  3. See, I try to teach them, but they get all stubborn and act like I don't know what I'm talking about. I actually try to smoke with different people, and have much more experience than them. They are stuck in their own little stoner group, cut off from society :devious:
  4. I'm a new smoker myself but having 3 people work a bowl is fucking ridiculous, lol.. Also there's seems to be a lot of elitism in this social culture which is big turn off. How about teaching them? For an example, I've never used a bong before but I'm sure if I was over at a friends house and they were using one, I'd kindly ask them to show me how it works -which would be no problem for them..
  5. The first time I used a bong(which wasn't too long ago) I was able to do it. It really isnt that hard to hold it in one hand and light with the othr and then put the lighter down and remove the slide when done with that hit.
  6. Sounds like they need someone to hold their hand while they cross the street too.
    Its crazy to think people need baby sitters to hit a bong.
    Blaze on Bro:bongin:
  7. LOL
    Im pretty sure that would have blown my high
  8. I only smoke with 5 close friends.

  9. hahahah no offense they sound like a bunch of dumbasses haha. they're like little oompaloompas!!!! hahahaha. but in all seriousness, just show em all up and do it yourself. their jaws with drop

    you = :smoke:
  10. At the very maximum, a bong should require two people. Some people feel obligated to light the bowl for the hitter. It doesn't phase me at all. Sometimes it's out of common courtesy, sometimes it's because the bong is fucking huge. However, if someone lights it for me, I always take the slide out (if it's a slide). Recently got into using matches for lighting bowls on bongs. It's definitely easier to have someone else do it (I had never used matches before and it wasn't my piece).

    Also, if the person is new to smoking/new to smoking a certain piece for their first time ever, it's sometimes beneficial to help them out.

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