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    There are a few references to Mollys, but that is NOT WHAT THIS THREAD IS ABOUT, SO PLEASE DON'T DELETE IT!

    My sister (21 on 8/25) is really into Molly's. At first I didn't think it was a problem, just a few pills every now and then on the weekend, no biggie right? Then my parents go out of town for 12 days and leave the house to me and my sister. Her and her boyfriend rolled almost every night for 12 days (they were both late to 2-3 of their shifts). I thought nothing of it, they were just doing so much since it's a rare chance my rents are gone ( I smoked a shit ton when they were gone!). She told me when my parents get back she will stop doing them. So my parents get back on Monday and my sister didn't roll at all. Well the weekend rolls around and she did them again (even when she told me she was going to stop).

    This past weekend (8/6) she went out and took *5* Molly's and ended up staying at her bf's house (even though she wasn't supposed to). So my mom gave her a curfew of 8:30 because my sister came clean to my mom.

    Well today my sister gets a text from her dude and he says he'd like to chill with my sister so she can try his "new product" (free of charge >_>). I tell her not to go but she said she was going either way. She knows I love bud and she gave me some bud to keep my mouth quiet and help her sneak back in.

    I feel bad because I let her go out and do Molly's just because I got some bud, when I know the right to do would have been to say no and tell her to stay inside. She's spent about $3-500 in the last month or so on M's...

    I'm sitting here with a bowl just thinking if I did the right thing... My sister said she felt like checking herself into rehab because she said she LOVES the girl :(

    What would you do? Any advice you can give me? I love my sister and I don't want anything to happen, but we just became cool with each other and I don't want to ruin that. I know that if I tell my mom (who thinks she quit for good) that would destroy the trust I just got back from my sister.
  2. You're not supposed to take molly frequently. 12 days is fucking retarded. Punch her in the head, maybe that will knock some sense into her.
  3. No talking about other drugs, period. This is going to get deleted. Your sister needs help. Have her put in rehab.

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