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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Tidy Trax, May 23, 2006.

  1. Ok so im planing on doing my first outdoor grow very soon

    Im kind of new to the whole growing thing iv only ever grew Lowryder indoors,
    it was a nice plant but the yield is so small i need something BIGGER! ;)

    So my question to you guys is :

    Whats a nice strain of plant that grows fast and nice and big oh and needs to be able to grow in the Irish climate :p

    Oh and if you know an indoor one too that would be awesome because you never know i might do both....

    Many thanks in advance Liam.
  2. alrite mate, irish climate? now that is ambitious!

    hollands hope is a strain that grows well in cooler climates
  3. It sure would be nice if there was hybrid disease resistant strains that did well in damp climates :rolleyes: .

  4. where are you growing VIWITCH? what is your climate?
  5. Irish climate???

    Lots of peat bogs.

    And LOADS of rain.
  6. the question was not to Tidy Trax

  7. ????????
  8. the question i asked about "what climate?" "where are you growing?" was not directed at the guy who started the thread but to vanislandwitch.
  9. LOL. I don't think Spanishfly was talking to U either. I guess U'll have to wait for Viwitch's responce, here on someone else's thread.

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