Soma's Beer and Weed Oh My!

Discussion in 'General' started by fAKdded, May 7, 2006.

  1. Haha, So How was your guys last sat. night? Mine was pretty good. Started off the day smokin' bud and poppin' Soma's like Candy. After were chillin' for a while we decided to go hit up a party. So we go down there everyone's chillin' drinkin' dancin havin a good time, we pop s'more soma's and dowm some beers, Im with this chick I really like ;),and in general im just havin' a great time. Danced more , drank more, then everyone took off, and I didn't really have a ride for sure. I was lookin for my friend and his girl because they were with us.... and they went off somewhere. After lookin' and having people tell me they left, I said fuck it, called up a friend, got picked up, dropped off the girl, went and smoked some bowls, then headed home at about 2. Got a call at 2:20 from my friend sayin' that they walked home ( Not far, only like 10-15min.) Well shit, I told them i was lookin' for your ass... Oh well, its all good they ended up gettin' home aight.

    Now.... I just need 10 more bucks so I can pick-up an sack.
  2. Whats a soma?
  3. Carisoprodol

    Soma; Carisoma; Myolax
    Indirect Skeletal Muscle Relaxant; Sedative
    ester with 2-(hydroxymethyl)-2-methylpentylisoproplylcarbamate
    Carisoprodol is a prescription muscle relaxant which was approved by the FDA in 1959.
  4. kinda like percs?
  5. I downed 4 or 5 shots of some 43% alcohol and had a couple blunts, but eaylier my friend and I went to go-carts, and smoked before, and that shit was fucking fun. I had a good day yesterday.
  6. Soma coma's are the best.
  7. Kinda but not quite.

    Somas are the shit, one of my favorite pills. The Dan brand 10mg's are the best Somas.
  8. I need to find more Soma's, only pill I will take...
  9. yea i love somas and i just got 2 yesterday, im waiting til i have some green to take them though, i think mine are 350 mg, i might be able to get some more soon to i want to take like 6

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