Solution for app users unable to upload pics.

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  1. Hey all just a shout out to anyone who is willing to help I'm trying to upload pics to my thread for 2 days now the site seems unable to let me upload my pics I know it's not a problem on my side I have tried a few things to confirm that is it getting fixed? Or is there an easy way todo it? I heard someone say use gallery but I have never seen a gallery here I'm assuming it's just a flaw with the app tht I can't see the gallery anywayyys anyone got any news or suggestions? Lol
  2. 'file upload fail' is the error code I am getting btw
  3. Got a message saying I should tell an admin about how the plugin is outdated are any of the mods or admin people able to tell me anything about it?
  4. The problem is not the app itsself GC's servers are what is having the problem. They will get it fixed when they get to it. All GC members (not just app users) are having problems
  5. It's a bit shit I have heard some people saying they have had the problem a week now I'm maybe just bein picky cause I took some nice pics n couldn't upload :( haha
  6. [quote name='"PaulKemp420"']its fixed now[/quote]

    Wool! :) cheers for heads up man
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