Solo PA?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by SiDankies, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Ok well I was thinking about getting the power adapter for the solo but I had a few questions.

    Does it give the solo more power?
    Can it charge the Solo?
    Does it work only as a charger or do you have to be using it?
  2. I'm pretty sure it just allows usage while charging.

  3. exactly this ^ that's all it does...and I mean I feel when my battery is even half full I get a slower heat up time maybe, or it's easier to drop 1 heat I would think with the PA I would feel more secure im getting constant 100% power for as long as I want on my solo......

    idk im also thinking of getting one haha :D
  4. Damnnnn idk if i should get it or not.
  5. It does NOT allow for use while charging. It allows for use while plugged in without draining the battery. It will not charge it.

    Everyone on FC who has it says it runs a bit hotter. Ill get one eventually so I can keep it fully charged whenever I need to run out and keep it plugged in at home.
  6. This is correct. I'm getting mine tomorrow and I've been doing tons of research about these suckers.

    There's a charger that ONLY charges the battery and there's a power adapter that ONLY allows for use while plugged in.

    AFAIK, there isn't an adapter that does both.
  7. Yea I've had mine for a few months. I used to use it alot when using it with glass, or during the summer months when I'd be outside way more so I'd run out of a charge more often.

    It only supplies power, doesn't charge. But like someone said when you get to a low battery level, ti does seem to take longer to heat up to temp and maintain temp, the PA allows full power all the time

    Cant tell a difference in performance unless you're comparing it to when its way low on charge

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