Solo cups?

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  1. hey guys, I was wondering, after germination do you guys put the seed in the solo cup and put it outside? I can absolutely never have a plant in my house. Would it work to take a little dirt from my girls last years vegitable garden for the solo cup, plant the seedling in that and leave it in a field and then when it gets bigger put it in something bigger then a 5 gal bucket and that will be its final home deep in the woods. And the whole time I will be using a mix of some soil from my girl garden soil. Also will s critter try to eat them when that small out there?
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    In my climate (Eastern Oregon), I can't leave plants outside at night until mid May, at least. They may survive but certainly won't thrive if it gets below 40 at night. And you'd better cage them if you don't want deer nibbling them. Also, I start with solo cups and go to a 1 gallon pot when it gets to about three or four layers of leaves, but then it's pretty root bound. Good luck!
  3. Thanks, I am gonna use fishing string to keep deer away and beer for the slugs. And I'm going to use a mix of these 3 soils, I don't what's in the two gardens and I am going to use a little bit of the miracle grow I know it's not good but its all I've got and I'm not trying to grow the dank eat bud. Actually I can't figure out how to upload the picture from my iPad but I'm gonna look into how to do it

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