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  1. I'm kinda new here so I don't know everyone's religion.
    But are there any solipsists here?
    If so can you explain to me what it's about?
    All I see is the arrogant belief that nothing exists but you? Or me? Or something?
  2. If you know anything about Descartes, he fell into almost complete solipsism. He came to the point where he denied the existence of everything except his own existence. Then from there he figured that God must exist and if God exists, then he must not be in delusion about every other thing's existence because God is great.

    kinda weird, I don't know why anybody would deny anything that he/she did not truly deny in his/her heart. Descartes started the modern movement of philosophy, but today almost no scholars agree with him.
  3. Solipsism seems correct enough...

    They just need to realize the non-existence of one more being. ;)

    You say Solipsism. I say Mahamudra. :)
  4. Solipsism fits in just peachy with the whole "WE ARE ALL ONE" thing that so many people like to hold as truth, doesn't it?

    On a more mundane level, think about how nothing truly happens outside your brain. All your physical experiences are just nerves firing inside your brain. There is no way to prove something exists without you observing it with one of your senses. How do you know any of it is real? It is already all in your head, there is no way to prove that it isn't... Dreams can feel pretty real at times.
  5. If the finite mind is a product of external stimuli, then maybe The Mind is a little bigger than some people think.

    Where are the limits or boundaries of everything?

  6. Mind was blown. :eek:
  7. Solipsism is not a religion, it is a philosophical idea.

    Though outside of ones own mind cannot be proved, so there is no reason to believe that anybody else can think, or exist.

    Can any of YOU people prove that you exist?

    I think therefore I am; it's not I tbhink therefore you are

    A lot of psychologists believe that babies are all solipsists.
  8. Whether or not you can prove anything means nothing.
  9. Prove it.

  10. his was a more methodological use of scepticism to prove he existence of god - he offers two proofs in his meditations on first philosophy which are both widely regarded as failures.

    currently i feel solipsistic - am studying so rarely see anyone despite living with many.
  11. Thanks for the info.
    Just got a little confused as I thought it was a patholgical condition.
    Must be something else.

  12. You're just a figment of my imagination, I don't have to prove anything to you!
  13. So none of you actually believe in Solipsism though right?
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    That solipsism isn't true is something that atheists (and everyone else, but everyone else aren't the people demanding empirical evidence for everything) assume without proof or evidence.

  15. An imagination that I have imagined.
  16. Get a load of this.. it's so weird what my imagination comes up with sometimes
  17. Who are you guys talking to?


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