Solar roast?

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  1. Whats good fellow stoners. How do you guys feel about solar hits, like with a magnifying glass? Personally on a sunny day, nothing beats getting that ray of light perfectly focused on the bowl in my bong, but it can get kind of tedious having to focus every hit unless it's extremely sunny. Some of my friends think it's lame, but others love. What about you?
  2. Ive actually been DYING to try this! I have heard its amazing, but i diddnt get or hit my first bong till winter so i havnt had a chance yet:confused_2: but im picking up a magnifying glass this week and hittin up the sun to burn my herb, imo it seems like the best way to light a bong:bongin:
  3. ive been dying to try thsi too
    however there are some pros and cons..
    pros: no butane (lighters)so the flavor stays the same
    cons: well fuck, aiming that everytime you want to take a hit is a bitch.
    still, if you have the chance, why not ? its a fun thing to do
  4. Holy balls I've never even heard of this.

    This is an awesome idea though, I'll have to pick up a magnifying glass at some point.
  5. I already made a thread about this, but its soo amazing and entertaining :smoke:
  6. Smoked a fat bowl of full melt hash on some OG kush with a magnifying glass last weekend.
  7. I just recently started using a magnifying glass. Man, is that awesome. I was going to set up a system with a telescope and a mirror, but I couldn't fine a mirror, so that plan is currently on hold.
  8. You have a telescope but not a mirror?
  9. its hella fun, though as previously said, a little inconvenient.
    but its def cool and i feel pretty proud when i get the bowl lit :smoke:
    and yeah, good for flavor. go nature!
  10. I don't have a handheld one and I don't think it would be the best idea for me to dismantle the mirror on the dresser in my room just to reflect sunlight in a certain direction.
  11. love doing this. it is tasty! last time i did it i used my Eclipse H2O havpe on my bong....niiiiiiiiice, though that tastes nice usually anyways because it's just glass using heat conduction.
  12. ^ I have an eclipse vape I bought from my boss, I'll need to try that one sometime.
  13. It's really not good for the eyes either. You're also focusing a lot of visible rays as well, and a lot of that can bounce back to your retinas. I've done this before and I've burned a lot of shit, but as a daily thing I wouldn't reccomend it.

    Unless you had like a jig that held the magnifying glass and you measured exactly how far to hold the bowl so you didn't have to find the focus using your eyes. You could just put the bowl in the right spot without looking at it and know it'd be focused.

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