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  1. Anyone else here in the city love these guys?? i get to see them tonight and am STOKED:smoke:
  2. seen em twice now, pretty good sets

    i just wish they would play more of their dub songs live, like atomic dub or nuclear bomb etc etc, im way more into those songs than their other stuff
  3. See you there bro! :hello:
  4. Fuck yeah man!! was that show amazing or what...i'm still all stoked over how awesome that show was:hello:....even that guy "Trevor" kicked ass haha..definitely a sweet show and i cant wait to see soja again.:smoke:

  5. I love them and I've seen them twice. Get wiser FTW
  6. So amazing, "You and Me" with Chris Boomer was SICK! Plus, getting to see them for free wasn't too bad either, or the fact i was crossed outta my mind.
  7. did you win tickets?...and yeah chris boomer w/ soja is pretty damn good. and J Boog's surprise appearence was awesome..and when the green and soja were all on stage together the whole place was going nuts haha sooo awesome..did you notice Jacob's issue with all the smoke though? that was kinda weird haha
  8. Ya J Boog got the place rockin for sure. Jacob sounded a little hoarse too, maybe a little too much prep before the show :smoke:. But ya, it was pretty smokey in there, way more than during Expendables, but lots more ganjites listen to these guys. My kind of people :hello:.
  9. haha yeah it was nice and smokey for sure. I definitely liked this show alot more than the expendables. i love the expendables, but soja feels like something i connect with on a whole 'nother level haha...Plus much love to any group out there praising Jah and spreading good vibes all over this world:smoke: and especially groups that do it with such talent, like soja.

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