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  1. Sup fellas,
    Wanted to see some opinions on what soil I should use. WAs gonna go with FF but wanted some more opinions. Running 4 plants under a 1000w mp with inner cooler and fans.

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  2. Fox Farm Ocean Forest/light warrior is good. It's just like making your own soil only 5,000,000,000 times better.
    Sure, if you're wanting to use bottled chemical fertilizers in order to finish your grow...
  4. Sure, if you're wanting to get really good results and finish your grow properly...
    Don't know much about soil chemistry, microbiology, or plant physiology, do you?
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    You don't know much about growing weed, do you?
  7. What are the ingredients? What is in it that makes it so great?
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    What makes it so great is the results I get
    I wasnt even saying it was that geat, originally I was just saying that to mess with the other guy cause FoxFarm is a good soil and he made it seem like it wasnt. I honestly dont care what anyone else uses for soil, I know FoxFarm works so I suggest it
  9. The best in storebought imho is recipe 420 soil, Very ogranic for store bought really surprised me.

    For my recent sponsored journals ive gone with store bought soil, the brand i mentioned above, but the rest has been purely organic, from my ACTs to my SSTs, to no obvious detriment. In fact i only feed every couple weeks. The rest has been water with great results :)
  10. And heres the ingredients if youre interested



    I agree, everyone should learn the full list of amendments available and be mad scientists like we are :smoke:

    But the reality is, most people just arent. We got bit, so i dont mind holdin anyones hand no matter which path they wanna walk.

    So let's grow some weeds :)
  11. I won't argue that it works. A lot of people use the stuff.

    Check out the links that I posted before. Especially the third one, "no-till gardening". Never know, it might pique your interest.
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    Haha I just realized you were the original person I quoted. Anyways, I've seen that thread but I just hate the whole reusing soil thing. I use fresh soil every time cause it starts the plant out with fresh nutrients. It obviously costs more but apparently works a lot better too
  13. Ah pokesmot, you stepped in shit.... Smh


    Carry on :smoke:
  14. Heya poke :wave: I know what you mean. Bagged organic soils are probably a good starting point for a lot people. And I think that any of them would do well with the addition of some fresh vermicompost. That would take it from an ok bagged soil, to a pretty decent living soil. I just can't see there being diverse microbial populations in a bag that sat on a shelf for who knows how long, ye know? Plus, I like the idea of a water-only soil, and the vast majority of the bagged soils out there are not that. Meaning you'd have to supplement with teas or 😦 bottled 'newts.

    Plus there is a big difference between using pH adjusters in your water and flushing etc etc vs recycling your soil or using no-till practices.

    One thing that strikes me as odd in that ingredients list is the listing for Ectomycorrhizal fungus in "Ideal 420 Soil". :confused_2:
  15. Nah man I'm not in here tryin to sling shit. I don't think it's that hard to have a cordial convo between people that grow different ways :unsure:
  16. Have you ever tried it? How would ya know if it works better?
  17. I too prefer water only. Makes life a helluva lot easier dont it?

    Youre right, you do have to supplement teas or the dreaded bottled nutes, but that was the whole point for me to go bagged this round, to have results that are easy to replicate. So some guy buys a bag off the shelf, makes a tea like me (of course not the same, as we know not all ingredients are created equally, like castings!) however, pretty similar results, given the size of their hands, given the fact that i take manure measurements by "handfuls" and not by cups or pounds, or cubic feet like most :lol:

    But that said, we are both on the same boat, throwing different baits in the water i suppose with the same goal at the end of the day. Its been difficult for me to go back from water only, but its been a fun experience mixing teas, picking coots brain, and flooding aws thread, as well as yours and all the organic threads of late.

    Ill leave you with a pic. I need to feed again soon with a tea, which requires a couple ingredients to get the microbes a brewin' :smoke:

    Also got some nice seed sprouts of alfalfa im bout to turn into some enzyme tea with a bit of kelp to see what happens. A living soup :)

    Cant even see the pots through the canopy anymore!
  18. Went ahead with fox farm ocean forest for a first grow as well as the three bottled fox farm nutrients.

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    Fox farms Ocean forest and happy frog both work great. Roots soil is decent as well. With any of these choices you still have the option of amending for a full organic grow or using bottles. I actually like the bottled organics like the go box or the roots kit for soil grows. Imo if you are going to run chemical nutes you might as well do soilless or hydro and get the full benefit.

    Personally, mixing soil isn't worth my time for three or four plants. Sure it can come out cheaper per cf if you buy bulk supplies but then you have a bunch of crap you don't need and end up spending more than just buying a bag or two of soil.

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