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  1. What soil do you personally believe works best??
  2. Foxfarm ocean forest, happy frog and Bio-bizz all mix and light mix :smoke:
  3. Sunshine mix #4 (soil less) Will change your life. Fox Farm I think is over rated.
  4. Wizball..................ya got it FF ocean forest is the all around best soil for growing in dirt. I firmly believe that they have "da bomb' for soil grow. No nutes for at least 2 months cause the stuff they got in it is heavy duty grow shit. todderfran.... overrated? could be but I have experienced excellent results, just as you have had with sunshine mix# 4. for me its FF,
    So there you have it either Sunshine mix #4 or FF take your choice as each will trip your trigger.

  5. Def not trying to diss the Fox Farm if that's how I sounded. I used it for years. It is good. I just gave the soil less a go one time, and have never looked back.
  6. Thanks guys, your inputs are very much appreciated!!!!

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