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  1. what type of soil should i use for closet growing
  2. I like BioCanna BioTerra.

    Take a look into coco before you decide.
  3. fox farms...plants love that shit. I cant remember where but theres a video of before and after fox farms in a span of like 2 weeks the plants exploded.... mine are strting to root past the organic soil case that they were in when they were babies and are starting to hit the fox farms...literally two days and I notice a lot of growth
  4. is that shit expensive kush?
  5. i saw it in my hydro store. ive heard of it on here as some of the best soil you can buy locally and since its there thats what im using for mine.
  6. Roots Organic, Fox Farm OF, Happy frog Organic
  7. I use foxfarm. A custom mix. 2 parts ff happy frog ($20) a bag. 1 part ff original ( red bag $18) 1 part perlite 1 part coco fiber. Awesome results

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